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Teaching & Learning Services

The mission of Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) is to promote and support the ongoing development and enhancement of teaching and learning at McGill University. Our team collaborates with professors, departments, Faculties and fellow teaching support units to create adaptable and innovative learning environments in which outstanding teaching is recognized and rewarded.

TLS provides support and leadership for a range of programs and services through information, workshops and online resources as well as individual and program-level consultations:

  • The Introduction to Course Design and Teaching Workshop is a day and a half workshop in which McGill faculty design or redesign a course and benefit from colleagues’ feedback to enhance their course design and teaching approaches.
  • The Teaching Portfolio is the primary vehicle for evaluating teaching at McGill and required for promotion and tenure. Its purpose is to provide a succinct dossier of one’s teaching philosophy, responsibilities, and evidence of effectiveness. Professors interested in obtaining feedback on their Portfolios, or assistance in developing their Portfolios, can contact TLS. TLS offers support for graduate supervisors with workshops and online resources
  • TLS, in collaboration with IT Services, offers workshops and consultations on the appropriate integration of a range of technologies that support teaching and learning, including myCourses, the Student Response System (clickers), lecture recording technologies and others.
  • TLS also oversees Mercury, the University-wide online course evaluation system. TLS can help with interpreting results to improve teaching, as well as guidance for customizing questionnaires.
  • Stay connected – Stay informed: Focus on Teaching is a bi-monthly e-newsletter that provides comprehensive information about upcoming workshops, teaching events and resources provided by TLS and other teaching support units.

Whatever the concerns about teaching, a TLS consultant can provide faculty members with confidential assistance in analyzing and developing teaching skills.

The Teaching and Learning Services website provides professors, students and administrators with accurate, up-to-date information about all aspects of teaching and learning at McGill.

Teaching & Learning Services (TLS)
McLennan Library Building
3459 McTavish Street, Suite MS-12
McGill University
Tel: (514) 398-6648
tls [at] mcgill.ca (email)

Supervision: Graduate and Postdoctoral Support

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies also hosts Supervision: Graduate and Postdoctoral Support, McGill’s website of over 40 pages of research and evidence-based guidance for supervisors and supervisees. Its focus is on practical advice that can help readers to avoid common problems in supervision and to help students complete their degrees without delays.

The Supervision website has sections on being a supervisor and being a supervisee, and so addresses supervisors, Master’s students, PhD students, and postdoctoral fellows. It also offers a general set of timelines or stages in supervision, from the first steps to postdoctoral research. At the request of graduate students, it also has a growing section on questions and answers that attempt to clarify ambiguous situations.

The main highlights of the supervisor and supervisee sections of the Supervision website are the pages on clarifying and negotiating expectations, student-supervisor relationships, problems and solutions, and avoiding delays.

See Supervision: Graduate and Postdoctoral Support for more details.