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Deadlines for admission in 2019-20

Where a deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the effective deadline will be the following business day.


Application for admission (International)

Supporting documents (International)

January 15

March 15

Application for admission (Ontario and Rest of Canada)

Submission of interim grades (Ontario)

Submission of supporting documents (Rest of Canada)

Submission of updated grades (Ontario)

February  1

April 10

May 4

May 15

Application for admission (Quebec)

Submission of documents (Quebec)

March 1

May 1

Major Entrance Scholarship application & documents (International)

Major Entrance Scholarship application & documents (Ontario and Rest of Canada)

Major Entrance Scholarship application & documents (Quebec)

January 22

February 7

March 7

McGill Financial Aid application

30 days from acceptance date


Music application & documents

January 15

Architecture portfolio

March 7

Religious Studies application & documents

May 1


McGill University will consider applications from home-schooled applicants; each case will be treated on its own merits. As a home-schooled candidate, you must provide McGill University with a description of the home-schooling curriculum followed and measures of your academic acquisition in the program.



Documents in support of your application must be uploaded directly to your Minerva file and should include:

  • a comprehensive list of all texts (and editions) studied;
  • a personal statement from you,
  • a separate statement from your home educator explaining the basis of the university application and estimation of your readiness to handle university-level subject matter
  • a confidential letter of recommendation from an impartial source indicating your readiness for university-level study. 

In some cases, further information and/or interview(s) with an Admissions Officer, Associate Dean, or Program Director may be required.


If you have lived and attended school, for at least four years, in a country where English is the acknowledged primary language you are not required to provide further proof of English proficiency.

If this is not the case, official test results will be required by the supporting document deadline.  Please consult Proof of English Proficiency for accepted tests and other exemptions.


Additional supporting documents (such as recommendation letters and personal statements) are only required in the following circumstances:

 - You have applied to Architecture, Education, Music, Nursing, Religious Studies and/or Social Work

 - You have complete the separate application for Major Entrance Scholarship and/or Financial Aid

 - You selected ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ on the application for admission

If none of the above circumstances apply, additional supporting documents are not considered in the admission review and should not be submitted.


The information was current at the time of posting but may be subject to change without notice.


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If you need to speak with a McGill representative, Service Point can help. Be sure to check out Service Pointers – their helpful tips on applying to McGill!