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2017 ARIA recipients

In 2017, 51 students from 20 departments and programs received Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards.

Congratulations to the winner and runner-ups of the Arts Undergraduate Research Poster Competition:

First Place: Ms. Natalie Klein

Second Place: Ms. Angelica Camacho 

Third Place: Ms. Diana Little 

Social Equity ARIA

Communications & Art History

“Bystander Intervention, Accountability and Social Media”
Benjamin Nothwehr, Sociology
Prof. Carrie Rentschler, Communications & Art History
PDF icon Benjamin Nothwehr [.pdf]

History & Classical Studies

“Women in the non-Alignment Movement of Afro-Asian States”
Garima Karia, Political Science
Prof. Lorenz Luthi, History and Classical Studies
PDF icon Garima Karia [.pdf]


“Documentation and Revitalization of the Chuj Language”
Paulina Elias, Linguistics
Prof. Jessica Coon, Linguistics
PDF icon Paulina Elias [.pdf]

ARIA summer projects


“The Medium and the Message”
Drew Bernstein, Anthropology
Prof. Katherine Lemons, Anthropology
PDF icon Drew Bernstein [.pdf]

Computer Science

“Mobile Physician App for Radiation Oncologists”
Zaid Yahya, Computer Science
Prof. Laurie Hendren, Computer Science
PDF icon Zaid Yahya [.pdf]

Earth & Planetary Sciences

“Changes in Mineralogy between wall rock and fault gouge from Marin Headlands, California”
Eleanor Rose Seery, Economics
Prof. Christie Rowe, Earth & Planetary Sciences
PDF icon Eleanor Rose Seery [.pdf]

East Asian Studies

“Gender and Sexuality in Korean Television Serials”
Soo Yeon Jeong, East Asian Studies
Prof. Michelle Cho, East Asian Studies
PDF icon Soo Yeon Jeong [.pdf]


“Self Employment and Labor Markets Across the World”
Changyong Song, Economics
Prof. Markus Poschke, Economics
PDF icon Changyong Song [.pdf]

“Understanding Savings Motives in China: Family Values vs. Economic Incentives”
Charlene Wang, Honours Economics
Prof. Daniel Barczyk, Economics
PDF icon Charlene Wang [.pdf]


“Critical Discourse”
Katarina Despain, Political Science
Prof. Nathalie Cooke, English

“Early Modern Conversions: Donne and Conversions of Space”
Diana Little, English
Prof. Paul Yachnin, English
PDF icon Diana Little [.pdf]

“English-Language Theatre in Montreal, 1945-2015”
Sophia Metcalf, Music
Prof. Erin Hurley, English
PDF icon Sophia Metcalf [.pdf]

“New Women Critics and the "Crisis of Culture" Between the World Wars”
Noran Shaalan, English Literature
Prof. Miranda Hickman, English
PDF icon Noran Shaalan [.pdf]


“The Geopolitics of San Francisco's Public Transit”
Isobel Hayne, Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies
Prof. Kevin Manaugh, Geography
PDF icon Isobel Hayne [.pdf]

“Youth Perspectives: Navigating and Negotiating Top-down Urban Change in Hanoi, Vietnam”
Madeleine Hykes, Urban Studies
Prof. Sarah Turner, Geography
PDF icon Madeleine Hykes [.pdf]

History & Classical Studies

“Sites of Sanctuary”
Clara Ritz, History
Prof. Laura Madokoro, History & Classical Studies
PDF icon Clara Ritz [.pdf]

“Reviving the Silk Road: Capitalist Crisis, Development, and the Cultural Imagination in Reform-era China”
Ryan Shah, Political Science
Prof. Jeremy Tai, History and Classical Studies
PDF icon Ryan Shah [.pdf]

Institute for Health and Social Policy

“Beijing's Coal-to-Electricity Program: Impact on Household Welfare and Energy Choices”
Alexandra Ballyk, Economics and Chemistry
Professor Christopher Barrington-Leigh, Institute for Health and Social Policy
PDF icon Alexandra Ballyk [.pdf]

Integrated Studies in Education

“Using Research to Contribute to Equitable Social Change”
Megan Shanklin, Political Science
Prof. Naomi Nichols, Integrated Studies in Education
PDF icon Megan Shanklin [.pdf]

International Development Studies

“Cementing Support: The Politics of Infrastructure Corruption in Latin America”
Julia Bugiel, International Development Studies
Professor Katherine Bersch, International Development Studies
PDF icon Julia Bugiel [.pdf]

Jewish Studies

“Towards a poetics of textile: poetry by Rokhl Korn”
Rosamond Atkin, Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies and Jewish Studies
Professor Esther Frank, Jewish Studies
PDF icon Rosamond Atkin [.pdf]

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

“Digital Hispania: The Aesthetics of Global Spanish Readership”
Rhian Lewis, Hispanic Studies
Dr. Cecily Raynor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
PDF icon Rhian Lewis [.pdf]

“The Data of Cultural Inequality”
Victoria Svailovsky, Linguistics
Prof. Andrew Piper, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
PDF icon Victoria Svailovsky [.pdf]


“Perceptual Discrimination of /s/ in Hearing Impaired Children”
Fiona Higgins, Linguistics
Prof. Heather Goad, Linguistics
PDF icon Fiona Higgins [.pdf]

“Understanding high adverbs in Malagasy and the nature of clefts”
Clea Stuart, Linguistics
Prof. Lisa Travis, Linguistics
PDF icon Clea Stuart [.pdf]

“How does structured variability help talker adaption?”
Claire Suh, Linguistics
Prof. Meghan Clayards, Linguistics
PDF icon Claire Suh [.pdf]

“Syntactic Representation and Processing in L2 Acquisition”
Yunxiao (Vera) Xia, Linguistics
Prof. Lydia White, Linguistics
PDF icon Yunxiao (Vera) Xia [.pdf]


“Scripting Futures: A Narrotological Investigation of how IOS Shapes... [remainder illegible]”
Samuel Hull, Economics
Prof. Lindsay Holmgren, Management
PDF icon Sam Hull [.pdf]

“Dynamics of User Engagement in Mobile Weight Loss App”
Yikun Jiang, Economics
Prof. Nathan Yang, Management
PDF icon yikun_jiang.pdf

Music Research

“Mechanisms of Music Skill Acquisition”
Adrian Petterson, Cognitive Science
Prof. Marcelo Wanderley, Music Research
PDF icon Adrian Petterson [.pdf]


“Impact of Education on Neonatal Encephalopathy”
Brittany Ngo, Cognitive Science
Dr. Pia Wintermark, Pediatrics
PDF icon Brittany Ngo [.pdf]


“Adaptive Preferences and Feminist Conceptions of Autonomy”
Emma Elbourne-Weinstock, Philosophy
Prof. Natalie Stoljar, Philosophy
PDF icon Emma Elbourne-Weinstock [.pdf]

“Vice and Tyranny in 16th Century Italian Pro-Woman Works”
Stefania Gaudrault-Valente, Italian Studies
Prof. Marguerite Deslauriers, Philosophy
PDF icon Stefania Gaudreault-Valente [.pdf]

“Fred Sommers' Term-Functor Logic: Notational Features and Philosophical Underpinnings”
Daniel Lovsted, Philosophy
Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy
PDF icon Daniel Lovested [.pdf]

Political Science

“Lobbying Activities and Trade Agreements”
Rohan Carter-Rau, Political Science
Professor Leonardo Baccini, Political Science
PDF icon Rohan Carter-Rau [.pdf]

“Machiavelli and the Politics of memoricide: A critique of the 'Grandi'”
Oliver Chan, Political Science
Professor Yves Winter, Political Science
PDF icon Oliver Chan [.pdf]

“The Study of Democratic Accountability”
Keiko Ivinson, Political Science
Prof. Dietlind Stolle and Elisabeth Gidengil, Political Science
PDF icon Keiko Ivinson [.pdf]

“The securitization of transnational norms: Explaining immunization against LGBT rights”
Arthur Scalabrini, Political Science
Prof. Fernando G. Nunez-Mietz, Political Science
PDF icon Arthur Scalabrini [.pdf]


“Instrumental Hypnosis to Examine the Unconscious Mind”
David Rattray, Philosophy
Prof. Amir Raz, Psychiatry
PDF icon David Rattray [.pdf]


“The Immigrant Experience: Assessing the Common Trajectory of Subjective Life Satisfaction of Immigrants in Canada"
Angelica Camacho, Psychology
Professor Donald Taylor, Psychology
PDF icon Angelica Camacho [.pdf]

“How to protect one's relationship from attractive alternatives: the role of relationship identification and executive control”
Claudie Coulombe, Psychology
Doctor John Lydon, Psychology

“"(S)He's Being Mean to Me": What works for whom when responding to aggression by peers”
Natalie Klein, Psychology
Prof. Melanie Dirks, Psychology
PDF icon Natalie Klein [.pdf]

“An examination of forebrain neural circuits that regulates behavioural expressions of pleasure in mice”
Joyce Quansah, Psychology
Dr. Johnathan Britt, Psychology
PDF icon Joyce Quansah [.pdf]

Social Work

“Implantation du Modele ARC Auprès de Jeunes Criminalisés”
Carolanne Brazeau, Social Work
Professor Delphine Collin-Vezina, Social Work
PDF icon Carolanne Brazeau [.pdf]

“Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental Program”
Nicole Pelletier, Psychology
Prof. Lucy Lach, Social Work
PDF icon Nicole Pelletier [.pdf]


“The (In) Visibility of Gender in EU Policy”
Elisabeth Graveline ,Sociology
Prof. Elaine Weiner, Sociology
PDF icon Elisabeth Graveline [.pdf]

“The socio-political experiences of Americans living abroad”
Austin McDougall, Sociology
Prof. Jan Doering, Sociology
PDF icon Austin McDougall [.pdf]

“Trends in Earnings and Income in the U.S.”
Ariel Parienti, Sociology
Prof. Michael Smith, Sociology
PDF icon Ariel Parienti [.pdf]

“Data Visualization in Housing and Low Fertility”
Corrina Vali, International Development Studies
Prof. Sarah Braumer-Otto, Sociology
PDF icon Corrina Vali [.pdf]

Visual Arts Collection

“A Systematic survey of the paintings of Marian Dale Scott”
Catherine LaRiviere, Art History
Prof. Gwendolyn Owens, Visual Arts Collection
PDF icon Catherine LaRiviere [.pdf]

“A systematic survey of commemorative plaques on the McGill campuses”
Charlotte Vester, Art History
Prof. Gwendolyn Owens, Visual Arts Collection
PDF icon Charlotte Vester [.pdf]