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For award recipients

  • Complete the PDF icon Award Certification Form by April 27, 2018
  • Complete your Direct deposit information in Minerva by April 27, 2018 (see Direct deposit in the lefthand menu)
  • Attend Introductory Information Session:
    • May 10, 2018 12-1 pm
    • Arts Building Room 160
  • Participate in the ARIA Library Research Workshop: Preparing for a Research Assistantship on May 30 2:30-4 pm or June 20 2:30 -4 pm
  • Attend Poster Workshop June 2018 on June 12, 2018 12-1 pm
  • Final report: ARIA recipients must submit a final report at the end of their internship by August 17, 2018 (see Final report in the lefthand menu)
  • All ARIA recipients are required to submit a research poster in electronic and print format by August 17, 2018
  • All ARIA students are asked to participate in the Annual Undergraduate Research Event to share their experience with the McGill community in January 2019

    File aria_workshop_may10_2018.pptx

Direct deposit

All awards are paid through direct deposit to your Canadian bank account. All award recipients must have a bank account in Canada. In order for the award to be deposited, you must fill in your banking information and your Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) on Minerva. Please follow the 2 steps below. Note: For international students who do not have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN), please only complete step one. All other students must have a Social Insurance Number.

  1. Access the Banking Information form on Minerva under: Student Menu >> Student Accounts Menu >> Direct Deposit Bank Account and enter the information under both Student-related and Payroll-related bank account information.
  2. Access the Social Insurance Number form on Minerva under: Student Menu >> Student Accounts Menu >> Student Tax Menu >> Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Final report

ARIA recipients submit a final report at the end of their ARIA internship discussing their learning over the summer. Please submit via email to anne.turner [at]

Outline (750 words)

  • A short outline of your project
  • Tell the reader why you wanted to do an ARIA project
  • Your learning objectives
  • What were some of the highlights? Give some examples.
  • What were some of the challenges that you encountered? How did you overcome them?
  • How do you think ARIA has or will shape your future career and education path?
  • If applicable, please thank the donor who funded your Award. Your report will be sent to your donor in appreciation of their contribution.

Poster guidelines

Basic requirements

  • Posters/displays may be a maximum of 42 inches wide (3.5 feet) and 48 inches tall (4 feet).
  • Students must cover the cost of poster printing!
  • We recommend that students use McGill Printing Services. Please contact [at] and mention your poster is for the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event.
  • The top of the poster should indicate the title, first and last name of author(s), and your program (e.g. BA English). You should acknowledge your supervisor and anyone else who contributed to the research.

Technical recommendations

  • The easiest way to create posters is by using a single MS Power Point slide set at the size to which the poster will be printed (use Page Setup to set the size).
  • When printing your file, save it in both ppt (PowerPoint) and pdf format and send both files to McGill Printing Services.
  • Use solid colour backgrounds, no gradients.

Formatting recommendations

  • Use a large, legible font.
  • Consider using graphs rather than tables.
  • Present small bites of information rather than lengthy narratives.
  • Numbered or bulleted lists can be a concise and effective way to convey a series of points.

Please see examples of 2017 posters

and this presentation about things to consider while creating a poster

File aria_posters_2018.pptx


Thank you cards

Many of the awards are provided thanks to gifts made by McGill Alumni. Award recipients will be notified in the coming weeks with information on how to address thank you cards to their donors.