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Support at Every Step of the Way

McGill's network of student services, resources, and advising initiatives help students achieve their full potential.


The Faculty of Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) is located in Dawson Hall and contains all the academic services students need to navigate their way from registration for their first courses all the way to graduation. Arts OASIS is a valuable resource for degree planning and other academic questions. Each department in the Faculty of Arts has its own specific advisor as well who is available to consult individually with students on department-specific topics that Arts OASIS may not be of service.

The friendly and helpful staff at the Arts OASIS information counter can answer a variety of questions on academic rules and regulations, and can clarify details on your academic record for you. They can also refer you to other resources on campus if they cannot provide the information you need.

The offices of the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) are also housed in Dawson Hall. The Associate Dean is responsible for considering special requests from students on a variety of topics such as degree extensions and ad hoc programs.

Arts OASIS is the place to go to deal with most of your academic administrative matters.


McGill libraries

The McGill network of 15 libraries is the largest in Montreal and one of Canada's oldest and most respected. McGill's library system now holds well over 3 million items in both traditional and digital formats. While it is the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (McClennan-Redpath) that primarily serves the research needs of the Faculty of Arts, all McGill students have access to all libraries at the University.

The strength of the McLennan-Redpath collection - over 1 million items - lies in the long runs of 19th century academic and literary periodicals and scholarly series, particularly those of British and European origin. It serves as the repository for Canadian federal and Quebec provincial documents as well as UN, ILO and European Union publications, Canadian literature and history, medieval studies, classical philology, World Wars I and II, the English and Italian Renaissance, India, twentieth century Germany, West Africa, and Slavic studies.

Individual and group library instruction on the resources of the McGill libraries are offered throughout the year in conjunction with academic courses. The array of electronic resources available in McLennan-Redpath and other McGill libraries reflects the commitment of the University library system to expand and enhance its collections and infrastructure in response to the University's changing research and teaching needs.

Student Services

McGill operates a wide variety of constantly improving student services, some managed by the administration and some that are entirely student-run. Among these services are:

  • Career and Planning Services (CAPS)
  • Mental Health Services
  • International Student Services (ISS)
  • Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)
  • Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students Society (SACOMSS)

These services and many more are available to all McGill students and reflect the University's commitment to providing necessary services to the student body. They also represent student initiative and dedication to ensuring the functional implementation of University services.

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Internships and Study Abroad

Photo by Felix Russell

Arts Internship Program

The opportunities to grow and develop outside the classroom during the summer months provided to students by the Faculty of Arts are unparalleled both at McGill and across Canada.  The Faculty of Arts Internship Program enables students to expand their horizons and engage in meaningful collaborations with corporate and community organizations around the world. The Arts Undergraduate Research Awards Program (ARIA) provides students with opportunities to work directly with faculty members on research projects, enabling them to engage in high-level academic research and hone their research and analytical skills. 

The McGill Internship Offices Network is also housed in the Faculty of Arts, making Arts the hub of internship information and support services at McGill. With an experienced staff, a structured program of application assistance, pre-travel learning sessions, student-to-student peer and staff support mechanisms, and extensive follow-up, McGill has a proven track record of ensuring that keen and talented young people are matched with national and international opportunities that benefit both the students and the organizations in which they are placed.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a fulfilling and intriguing opportunity for students to travel during their time at McGill. The Faculty of Arts Study Abroad program maintains bilateral exchange programs with many universities around the world and encourages students to spend a term or two studying abroad. Options for studying abroad include independent study aways, exchange programs, and coursework at another university in Quebec.