Student Stories

Summer Studies in Italy: Exploring European Migration from Rome

4 Feb 2019

This June, the Faculty of Arts will launch the McGill Summer Studies in Italy program, offering 30 undergraduate students the chance to participate in an intensive humanities and political sciences...

Discover the Arabic side of Montreal

4 Dec 2018

The Institute of Islamic Studies is launching a new Arabic Summer Program, aimed at teaching students, researchers, and professionals, one of the most important languages in the world. Building on...

The Impact of Giving: Arts Students Return from Shantou

1 Aug 2018

Although the dream of studying abroad is a tremendous feat, the Li Ka Shing Liberal Arts Initiative was able to make the experience of student travel accessible for a fourth year. Thanks to one man...

Students Confront Cultural Stereotypes in Thessaloniki, Greece

31 Jul 2018

This June, the McGill Summer Studies in Greece program completed its third trip abroad to study transnational relations and interconnected histories along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. The...

Exploring the History of Sexuality

31 Jul 2018

From August 9th to 12th, McGill Arts alumnus Dane Stewart (BA 2013) will present his original play, The History of Sexuality, as part of the vibrant Montréal Pride celebration.

The Opportunity of New Experiences

28 May 2018

Experience is the best teacher. At least according Hussain Zhakfer, a McGill alumni since 2017. When his family moved countries, it was to escape war in their native Afghanistan and build a life...

Your Arts degree is more useful than you think

13 Sep 2017

What do employers want from their potential candidates? According to a 2016 study conducted by the Business Council of Canada, the nation’s largest private-sector employers value soft skills over...

Searching for Home, Understanding, and Identity

23 Aug 2017

“Too foreign for home, too foreign for here – never enough for both” is how 23-year old Nisan Nabeel describes herself, speaking with solemn eyes and a thoughtful smile. Though the line is poetic,...

Democratizing Student Life 101: Start with the Campus

23 Aug 2017

Using the words ‘reclaim’ and ‘campus’ in the same sentence could be a socially-conscious TA’s strategy to hype a Monday morning undergraduate conference. Students advocating for reclaiming a...