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Arts News & Events Submission

The ARTS NEWS and ARTS EVENTS newsletter have been created to streamline communications and make it easier for the various departments, schools and institutes in the Faculty of Arts to promote their events. Rather than receiving emails multiple times a day every day, subscribers will receive one EVENTS email every two weeks, and one NEWS email per month. These will be digests of what would have been received in a dozen or so emails. No events will be left out.


The upcoming two weeks' events will be featured in the main column. Each will include an image, blurb and link. For events that fall later in the semester, they will be included in the right-hand column (text and link), until two weeks before it is to take place, when it will be featured.

Reminders for the events will be posted on the Faculty of Arts social media channels (Twitter, Facebook). Please share these on your departmental social media channels too!

We request that you submit your news and events as far in advance as possible. A calendar of submission deadlines will be posted shortly. 

Please note that submission of news items is reserved for active members of McGill’s Faculty of Arts, and affiliated institutes. Should you have questions or need to contact us, please news.arts [at] mcgill.ca (email )your inquiry.

Thank you.