Soutien aux équipes 2010

Soutien aux équipes grants awarded to members of the Faculty of Arts in 2010.

All information in this section is courtesy of the researchers.

Russell Davidson, Economics
Tom Mole, English
Will Straw, Art History and Communication Studies

Russell Davidson Russell Davidson
L'econometrie des phenomenes irreguliers en macroeconomie, sur les marches financiers, et dans la repartition des revenus: theories et applications
Amount awarded: $376,584.00

Extreme events in financial markets, often referred to as 'shocks', are widely recognized to have significant macroeconomic effects. This project, led by Professor Russell Davidson, will develop new, robust analytical methods for better understanding of these extreme observations and their effects. Professor Davidson's team includes McGill Economics faculty members Jean-Marie Dufour, John Galbraith, and Victoria Zinde-Walsh as well as several other professors from other Montreal universities. They will study those financial portfolios susceptible to extreme events, the dynamic and causal relationships between financial markets and various macroeconomic variables, and indicators of financial instability which may serve to forewarn major monetary and macroeconomic problems. Graduate students participating in this research will acquire research skills in programming and empirical analysis, and also increase their knowledge of econometric theoretical foundations for topics such as bootstrapping, non-parametric estimation, and the modeling of extreme events.
Keywords: Econometrie, Distribution des revenus, Techniques statistiques, Pauvrete, Evenements extremes, Marche des objets d'art

Tom Mole Tom Mole
Interactions avec l'imprime en Europe de 1700 a 1900
Amount Awarded: $ 358,336.00

From 1700 to 1900, the predominant communications technology in Europe was print. Subject to numerous advances throughout the period, including new technologies and new legal concepts, print media also created new spaces for people to gather (e.g. libraries and reading societies), newly diversified industries (e.g. printing, publishing and retailing), and new genres of writing (e.g. reviews and children's literature). Professor Tom Mole will work with a multidisciplinary team to develop an innovative approach to the study of print culture using a nuanced and historicized concept of interactivity. The team brings together scholars from English, History, German, and Modern Languages (including McGill's Andrew Piper (German Studies) and Mark Algee-Hewitt (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow)), each trained in the analysis of different media and working on different national contexts. The team's own interactions will produce this distinctive new approach, in which interactivity is both the research topic and the method. In order to study the interactions of the past, Professor Mole's team will create new kinds of interaction in the present. The program of research integrates students of all levels with a variety of tasks such as contributions to workshops, project management, and the compilation of bibliographies. The team's approach will be developed in colloquia, enriched through student training strategies, displayed in public exhibitions, and communicated in conference papers and via the website.
Keywords: Europe, Histoire du Livre, Imprime, Lumieres, Romantisme, Intermedialite

Will Straw Will Straw
Une programmation de recherche qui porte sur les rapports entre media, culture et vie sociale dans le contexte urbain
Amount Awarded: $ 350,676.00

Professor William Straw and his research team will explore contemporary transformations in the cultural life of Montreal through the theoretical lens of mediality, defined as the ways in which cultural artifacts participate in the storage, processing and transmission of cultural expression. The project pursues two principal goals: first, to work towards an integrated study of the city's cultural forms and practices and second, to produce new analytic vocabularies and frameworks through the mobilization of current research on urban culture. The research program will integrate student participation in a range of activities including website design and maintenance, the organization of meetings, planning of events and preparation of materials for publication. The team's results will be communicated through their website, symposiums, international conferences, and publications, as well as a number of events targeting the general public.
Keywords: Urbain, Culture, Publiques, Art, Media, Montreal