Meet Our Faculty

AMABILI, Marco, marco.amabili [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Vibrations, acoustics, fluid-structure interaction, modelling of human aorta.

BAILLET, Sylvain, Sylvain.Baillet [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Brain imaging, neuroimaging, MEG, EEG, MRI, functional connectivity, image reconstruction, image analysis, time series analysis, visualization, data mining, machine learning, computational neural modeling, open software development and distribution.

BAKER, Curtis L., curtis.baker [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Vision, image segmentation, neurophysiology, neuronal signal processing, optical imaging, system identification.

BARTHELAT, François, francois.barthelat [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Material performance, hard biological tissues, biomaterials and biomimetics materials.

BLAIN-MORAES, Stefanie, Stefanie.blain-moraes [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Consciousness, augmentative and alternative communication, EEG, autonomic nervous system, personhood, biomusic, physiological signal processing.

CERRUTI, Marta, marta.cerruti [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Biomineralization, scaffolds, tissue engineering, surface functionalization, drug delivery

CHACRON, Maurice J, maurice.chacron [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Neural coding, computation, neurophysiology, neuroscience, population coding, system identification, mathematical modeling

CHAKRAVARTY, Mallar, mallar [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine 
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computational neuroanatomical, psychiatric disorders, inter-structural connectivity, psychoses, ageing, brain development, Alzheimer's disease.

CHANG, Thomas M.S., [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine 
Artificial cells; modified hemoglobin; blood substitutes; immobilized enzymes/cells/microorganisms; microencapsulation of enzymes/ cells/ microorganisms/adsorbents/drugs; biodegradable control delivery systems; biomaterials; artificial liver; artificial kidney; hemoperfusion; enzyme engineering.

CHARETTE, Paul G., Paul.Charette [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine 
Biophotonics, signal analysis, imaging, biosensors

COLLINS, D. Louis, louis.collins [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Neuroimaging, MRI, image processing, non-linear image registration, model-based segmentation, imaging biomarkers, data mining, brain atlases, image guided surgery, augmented reality, diagnosis and prognosis, open software.

CULLEN, Kathleen E., kathleen.cullen [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Neural encoding, multisensory, reference frame, navigation, spatial orientation, computation, corollary discharge, efferent copy, oculomotor, eye movements, neuroscience.

EL NAQA, Issam, ielnaqa [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine
Oncology Informatics, Computational and System Biology, Image-guided and Adaptive Radiotherapy

EHRLICHER, Allen J., allen.ehrlicher [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Biological mechanics, diagnostic and therapeutic tools, biomimetic materials, actin-cytoskeleton.

ENGER, Shirin N.E., shirin.enger [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Brachytherapy, radiation dosimetry, patient specific dosimetry, Monte Carlo-based dose calculations, microdosimetry, radiation biology, detector development, radiation protection

EVANS, Alan C., alan [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
3-D NeuroImaging of Brain Function (PET, SPECT) and Brain Anatomy (MRI, CT); Kinetic Analysis of Tracer in Brain using PET; 3-D Brain Atlases of Human, Rat and Monkey using computerized segmentation; Imaging Physics of PET Scanners and; Functional neuroanatomy of normal cognitive processing. (P.E.T. = Positron Emission Tomography; SPECT = Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography.

FUNNELL, W. Robert J., robert.funnell [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Auditory mechanics, middle ear, finite-element modelling, laser Doppler vibrometry, vibration pattern, newborn, infant, hearing screening, diagnosis, 3-D models, haptics, medical education, anatomy.

GALIANA, Henrietta L., henrietta.galiana [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Oculomotor Control, eye/head coordination, limb  segment coordination, bioSignal Processing, System Identification, Instrumentation, automated diagnostic support in gaze control

GHOSHAL, Subhasis, subhasis.ghoshal [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Groundwater remediation, environmental chemistry, bioremediation, nanoparticles, carbon dioxide capture and storage.

GOTMAN, Jean, jean.gotman [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
EEG, fMRI, epilepsy.

GROVA, Christophe, christophe.grova [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine

GUITTON, Daniel, daniel.guitton [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Oculomotor system, head-motor system, vestibular system, eye-head coordination, sensorimotor transformations, neurophysiological mechanisms.

HAIDAR, Ahmad, ahmad.haidar [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Artificial pancreas, Automatic Control, Randomized clinical trials, Diabetes, Bayesian estimation, Glucose-isotope tracers, Glucose Physiology and Metabolism

HENDRICKS, Adam G., adam.hendricks [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Cellular environment, cell motor function, manipulation in living cells, mathematical modeling, motor protein dynamics, optical trapping, FRET.

HOGE, Richard (Rick), rick.hoge [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine

JUNCKER, David, david.juncker [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Microfluidics, nanotechnology, lab-on-a-chip, capillary flow, proteomics, antibody array, immunoassays, circulating tumor cells, biomarkers, diagnosis, single molecule, global health, cancer, breast cancer, aptamers, neuroengineering, cell navigation, haptotaxis, cell arrays, rapid prototyping,

KAMEN, Amine A., amine.kamen [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Viral vector technology, vaccine development, mammalian cell technology, insect cell technology, advanced process analytical technologies.

KATSARKAS, Athanasios, athanasios.katsarkas [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Vestibular system, vestibulo-coular reflex (VOR), ENG, otolith function, auditory-evoked stimuli (VEMP).

KEARNEY, Robert E., robert.kearney [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Biomedical system identification and signal analysis, human motor control; Stretch reflexes, identification of non-linear biomedical systems, neonatal, extubation

KINSELLA, Joseph (Matt),joseph.kinsella [at] ( E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Material science, biology, medicine, microtechnologies, nanotechnologies, medical applications, drug delivery systems, diagnostic medical imaging, sensing, monitoring biological processes.

KIRK, Andrew, Andrew.kirk [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Photonics, photonic integrated circuits, optical biosensors, diffractive optics.

KOMAROVA, Svetlana, svetlana.komarova [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Dentistry
bone, biomechanics, cell-cell interactions, mathematical modeling, bone disorder.

LAUZON, Anne-Marie, anne.lauzon [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Biophysics, smooth muscle, myosin, actin, actin regulatory proteins, latch-state, laser trap, in vitro motility assay, asthma, cystic fibrosis, phosphorylation.

LEASK, Richard, richard.leask [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Biomechanics, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, biomedical Devices, green chemistry.

LEVESQUE, Ives, ives.levesque [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), quantitative imaging, signal modeling, imaging biomarkers, medical physics, cancer, neuroimaging.

LI-JESSEN, Nicole, [at] ( E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Systems biology, computational modeling, non-invasive diagnostics, stem cell therapy, mechanobiology, inflammation, wound healing, tissue regeneration, larynx, vocal folds.

LINA, Jean-Marc, jean-marc.lina [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine

LIU, Xinyu, xinyu.liu [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Microfluidics, BioMEMS, robotics, design and manufacturing, dynamics and control.

MAHSHID, Sara, sara.mahshid [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Nanomaterials-based biosensing, Micro/nanofabrication, Lab-on-chips, Point-of-care diagnostics (Electrochemical/ Optical biosensors and assays), Single Cell analysis

MEKHAIL, Mina, MMekhail [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine
Biomaterials, Regenerative Medicine, Drug Delivery, Nanoparticles, Nanofibers, Injectable Scaffolds, Biologics, Spinal Cord Repair, Bone Regeneration, and siRNA Delivery

MISIC, Bratislav, bratislav.misic [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
brain imaging, connectivity, network neuroscience, complex networks, dynamical systems, multivariate statistics

MITSIS, Georgios, georgios.mitsis [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Biosignals and systems, systems modeling/identification, nonlinear and nonstationary systems, cerebral hemodynamics, functional neuroimaging.

MONGEAU, Luc, luc.mongeau [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Voice biomechanics, tissue engineering, mechanobiology, nonlinear laser scanning microscopy, atomic force microscopy, soft tissue rheology, finite element modeling, laryngeal fluid mechanics.

MONGRAIN, Rosaire, rosaire.mongrain [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Cardiovascular device design, stents, catheters, grafts, heart pumps, annulo-plasty ring, vena cava filters, experimental/numerical design evaluation, finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), biomechanig modeling, medicla imaging.

MORAES, Christopher, chris.moraes [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Microfabrication, mechanobiology, microenvironment, cell-matrix interactions, dimensionality, biomaterial design, high-throughput screening, light sheet microscopy, super-resolution imaging, fibrosis, cancer, biomechanics.

NADEAU, Jay, jnadeau [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine
Nanoparticles, astrobiology, medical physics

NAZHAT, Showan, showan.nazhat [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Biomaterials and tissue engineering, dense collagen gels as 3D tissue models, biomineralization, bioactive and soluble glasses, dynamic stimulation of cells in physiologically relevant 3D matrices

NEAR, Jamie , jamie.near [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), neurotransmitters, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), glutamate, glutamine, pulse sequences, radiofrequency coils, human brain, in vivo.

NICELL, James A., jim.nicell [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Biodegradation, xenobiotics, sewer epidemiology, green chemistry, biocatalysis, impact assessment, olfactometry

NICOLAU, Dan, dan.nicolau [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Lab-on-a-chip, biosensors, high throughput screening, protein molecular motors, biocomputation, molecular surfaces.

ORSAT, Valérie, valerie.orsat [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Food processing, extraction methods and by-product recovery, engineered systems for functional ingredient production.

PACK, Christopher,christopher.pack [at] ( E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Vision, neuronal signal processing, system identification, machine learning, neurophysiology, neuroscience, computational modeling, cognition

PASINI, Damiano, damiano.pasini [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Porous biomaterials, bone replacement implants, microarchitectured biocompatible materials, tissue scaffolds, endovascular devices.

PIKE, G. Bruce, bruce.pike [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine
Brain imaging, MRI physics, MRI biophysics, brain physiology, multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular disease, image guided neurosurgery.

PRAKASH, Satya, satya.prakash [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Artificial cell, drug delivery, microbiome, probiotics, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cancer, heart health, stent, medical devices, cell therapy, gatreointestinal model, microbiota, targeted drug delivery, NAFLD, microencapsulation, regenrative medicine, nanomedicine, bioengineering, biomedicine, biomaterials.

RAGOUSSIS, Ioannis, ioannis.ragoussis [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Genomics and functional genomics, NGS based approaches to disease gene identification, functional genomics approaches for identifying prognostic markers and associated pathways in breast cancer.

READER, Andrew J, andrew.reader [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine
Image reconstruction, data correction, kinetic parameter estimation, system modelling, high-resolution 3-D and 4-D Positron Emission Tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), PET-MR imaging.

REISNER, Walter, reisner [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Science

RUDKO, David, david.rudko [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
quantitative magnetic resonance imaging, biophysical modeling, microstructure, MRI biomarkers, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, radiofrequency coil design, magnetic field modeling, signal processing, optimization, image processing pipeline development

SHMUEL, Amir, E-mail, Faculty of Medicine
Neuronal mechanisms, functional brain imaging signals, neuronal activity, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), visual perception, brain function modelling/analysis.

TARDIF, Christine, christine.tardif [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Neuroimaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI physics, pulse sequences, quantitative MRI, biophysical modelling, myelin imaging





TABRIZIAN, Maryam, maryam.tabrizian [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
Multifunctional and nano scaled biomaterials and  biointerfaces, Cell-matrix/biomaterials interaction,  Microfluidics, High throughput cell-based assays, Tissue engineering, Target drug delivery, Biorecognition systems, Lab on a chip devices, diagnostic tools.

TUFENKJI, Nathalie, nathalie.tufenkji [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Green nanotechnology, biosensing & bioadhesion, natural antimicrobials, water quality protection.

VERES, Teodor, teodor.veres [at] (E-mail), Adjunct Member, Faculty of Medicine

WACHSMANN HOGIU, Sebastian, sebastian.wachsmannhogiu [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering
Plasmonics-based sensors and assays, Structure-derived functionality of materials, M(O)EMS, Biomimetics, Point of care technologies

WILLIE, Bettina, bettina.willie [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Medicine
skeletal mechanobiology, osteocytes, bone regeneration, mechanotransduction


XIA, Yu (Brandon), brandon.xia [at] (E-mail), Faculty of Engineering 
Computational biology, bioinformatics, systems biology, structural biology, biomolecular engineering