What Kind of Biomedical Engineering Research Goes on at McGill?

Ongoing biomedical-engineering research at McGill includes:

  • signal analysis, including brain (EEG), muscles (EMG), eyes (EOG), respiration and mass spectrometry
  • systems analysis, including neuromuscular control and oculomotor & vestibular control;
  • experimental and computational biomechanics, including orthopedic and auditory mechanics;
  • biomaterials, including artificial cells & tissue engineering;
  • medical imaging and image processing;
  • micro and nanotechnology, and biosensors;
  • nanoparticles and cell imaging;
  • bioinformatics; and
  • computers in medical education, including interactive 3-D models and haptics (force feedback).

In many of these areas there is considerable emphasis on biomedical modelling, and on the development of sophisticated instrumentation and software.

Please see academic staff and research areas for more details about research in our department.