Construction projects guides

Guide for external consultants on McGill internal methodologies and processes related to construction projects.

Design Standards

These Standards apply to all new construction or renovation projects. They must be followed by all Professionals (Architects, Engineers, lighting consultant, acoustical consultant, etc.) for the...

Parking Guidelines during Construction

For parking guidelines, please take a look at the following document: PDF icon Parking guidelines 2017

Green building Standards

McGill University is committed to environmental stewardship and promoting the implementation of sustainable design concepts. Guide for all factors of construction/renovation projects on McGill...

Energy Efficiency

Energy management is a top priority at McGill University. Efficiency and quality are attained by monitoring energy usage, maximizing energy conservation and developing programs to reduce consumption.

Signage Standards

Signage is used to organize space, to clarify direction and movement as well as to highlight desired behavior in public areas. This guide will allow users to become familiar with the standardization of the signage...

Prevention Health and Safety

This service provides assistance with health and safety issues ranging from all relevant health and safety legislation to liaison with regulators so as to develop and monitor laws and...

Furniture Standards

This guide will help achieve a sustainable environment adapted to user needs. To promote objectives set and foster improved spatial organization, the McGill University catalogue of office furniture...

Documents and forms

All documents and forms required throughout the project management process for construction (bidding, contracts, authorizations, internal services)

Maintenance Standards

In progress