Campus Planning: Master Planning

Building McGill's Future

After extensive consultation with McGill and greater Montreal communities, the University developed a Master_Plan_Principles_Report (also available in French)

In support of the University’s mission, the University’s Master Plan is intended to guide infrastructure projects and future physical growth to help create a dynamic intellectual community and academic experience.  Guided by nine overarching principles (see below), the Plan will modernize both campuses, improving spaces for teaching and research, steward our historic and green spaces, and ensure future development meets the needs of the McGill community.

Guiding Principles

As outlined in McGill’s Master_Plan_Principles_Report, the University’s development will be guided by the following principles:

  • Facilitate a dynamic intellectual community through interdisciplinary collaboration across all fields of study and research.
  • In concert with the Academic Plan, growth will be accommodated in strategic areas.
  • Reinforce the special and identifying qualities of each campus.
  • Invest in facilities which support excellence in research, teaching and learning, and which foster the close relationship between these activities.
  • Support a rich academic experience through investment in student, administrative and support services.
  • Conserve and build upon the strengths of the University's existing built heritage.
  • Support the achievement of excellence through the provision of appropriate facilities and infrastructure.
  • Improve the access both to and within the campuses.
  • Develop and maintain the landscape open spaces of the campuses:
    • to reveal and strengthen the special and identifying qualities of the University’s places;
    • to tie together the various parts of the campuses, both physically and thematically;
    • to provide safer, more useable and more beautiful campus spaces; and
    • to follow exemplary standards of environmental sustainability at the stage of implementation and in the continued operations and management.