Plans and Studies

The CPDO team brings a diverse set of planning expertise to the planning and development of McGill’s campuses. Below is a section of planning projects or activities that are currently underway or have been recently completed.

Real Estate Master Plan

Map of McGill's downtown campusCurrently under development, the Real Estate Masterplan aims to coherently address the shortage of on-campus quality spaces for teaching and learning, research and student life through careful planning of acquisitions, releases and adaptive re-use projects. The plan seeks to address shortage of on-campus quality spaces for teaching and learning, research and student life. At the same time, the plan will ensure coherent and strategic growth with financially sound management of McGill’s real estate portfolio. Finally, the plan will contribute to the responsible stewardship of heritage buildings.

Macdonald Campus Planning

macdonald campus mapThe process of developing a strategic vision for the transformation of the Macdonald campus over the next 10-15 years is currently underway.  To ensure the coherent growth of the campus, all future development initiatives will be evaluated through the lens of this vision.  This flexible approach to planning will guide development while ensuring adaptability as needs arise. Overall, the Strategic vision seeks to increase the quality of spaces for teaching, learning, research and other activities as well as internal connectivity and links to the downtown campus.

Transportation Master Plan

Student with bikeGetting to and from as well as around campus is an important part of the daily lives of McGill’s students, faculty and staff. In order to meet the university’s sustainability targets it is critical to maintain high levels of active transportation and transit ridership while also enhancing connectivity on campus. Also, given that McGill is a multi-campus university, facilitating movement between our campuses is critically important. As such, the Transportation Master Plan seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of transportation patters at McGill and serve as a tool through which initiatives related to transportation and the planning infrastructure, facilities and programs can be coordinated.

680/688 Sherbrooke Street Space Planning

Entrance to 688 Shebrooke Street westMcGill University acquired the entirety of 680 and 688 Sherbrooke Street in the fall of 2017. In addition to recently relocating Le James Bookstore to the ground floor, CPDO is in the process of allocating space to support the university’s academic needs. One of the major challenges of the acquisition will be to adapt the commercial office spaces to an academic vocation and better serve a student population.


Neuro Strategic Facility Plan

The Neuro buildingThe Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – The Neuro, will play an active and central role in many new and exciting initiatives in neurosciences. With these new initiatives comes growth as well as the need to integrate cutting-edge technologies and equipment. The Neuro Strategic facility plan will define specific priorities, allocate resources and allow the institute to effectively adapt to new demands over a longer-term horizon.