Cardiac Surgery Resident Teaching Schedule


January 2016 - June 2016


January 9 ECHMO Wet Lab Jean-Yves Cormier C07.1270
January 12 No Rounds    
January 16 In Training Exam Dr. Kevin Lachapelle Glen - C05.1196
January 19 Case Presentations


Glen - C05.1196
January 23 No Rounds    
January 26 M & M Rounds   Glen - C05.1196
January 30

Cardiac Surgery Ward Management

Christine Miousse / Millie Firmin TBA
February 2 M & M Rounds (Continuation)   Glen - C05.1196
February 6 Myocardial Protection Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim Glen - C05.1196
February 9 Resident Teaching: TAVI in Valve, Pulm in Sling, Valve Spring VS Bentale Dr. Fahd Makdhom, Dr. Mohammed Alreshidan, Dr. Mohammed Alrefai Glen - C05.1196
February 13 Statutory Holiday - No rounds    
February 16 Grand Rounds - Rocke Robertson Event   Montreal General Hospital
February 20 Acute Aortic Dissection Dr.Benoit de Varennes Glen - C05.1196
February 23 Sono Sim Ulrasound Training Session Mark Brundage Glen- C05.1196
February 27 Vascular Rings and Slings Dr. Pierre-Luc Bernier /Dr. Mohammed Alrefai Glen - C05.1196
March 2 Sono Sim Ultrasound Training( Video Conference) Mark Brundage Glen - C05.1196
March 6 Acute Renal Failure Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim Glen - C05.1196
March 9 Cancelled Teaching    
March 13 Practice Oral Exams Dr. Jean-François Morin Glen - C05.1196
March 16 V Sign and discharge summary for approval Millie Firmin Glen - C05.1196
March 20 Robotics Dr. Emmanuel Moss Glen - C05.1196
March 23 Pace Maker and Implant Complications Dr.Dominique Shum-Tim/ Dr. Hadjis Glen - C05.1196
March 27 TBD Dr. Felix Ma Glen - C05.1196
March 30 Robotics Dr. Emmanuel Moss Glen - C05.1196
April 3 Transposition of the Great Arteries Dr. Tchervenkov Glen - C05.1196
April 6 M & M Rounds   Glen -C05.1196
April 10 Aortic Root Aneurysms Dr. Benoit de Varennes Glen - c05.1196
April  24 Minimally Invasive AVR Dr. Benoit de Varennes Glen - C05.1196
April 27 M & M Rounds    Glen - C05.1196