Software Developer (MR0617)

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Position Title: 
Software Developer (IST2E)
Position Summary: 

The McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN) is a multidisciplinary group which supports numerous collaborations and provides neuroinformatics software infrastructure, tools and services to a broad, international neuroscience community. MCIN's neuroinformatics platforms, developed and supported in-house, allow a community of hundreds of scientists around the world to organize and analyze data through collaborative tools and remote computing resources.

The MCIN serves as the hub for organizing, pre-processing, quality control and dissemination of the data collected across the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA)'s extensive network of centres. MCIN provides neuroinformatics expertise to the consortium and plays a central role in coordinating data acquisition practices and protocols across the network. In this capacity, MCIN's technical team supports a custom deployment of its LORIS multi-centre data platform for CCNA, and provides services for the acquisition, pre-processing, validation and quality control of neuroimaging data.

The Software Developer is responsible for providing neuroimaging and image processing expertise to the consortium. He/she will serve as a consultant providing scientific advice and guidance to the consortium and its network of remote sites, working in close coordination with MCIN's data coordination team for CCNA.

Primary Responsibilities: 
  • Participate in protocol development and contribute to the consortium's standard operating procedures.
  • Work closely with the CCNA data manager in performing timely quality control on neuroimaging data collected across the network, and will play an active role in reporting and documenting quality control results. He/She will also analyze and perform image pre-processing tasks integral to dataset validation such as distortion correction, intensity non-uniformity correction and stereotaxic registration, using remote clusters as a computational environment.
  • Work closely with the CCNA data platform development team to implement image pre-processing pipelines, and when necessary will develop custom image processing tools and pipelines for integration with the CCNA LORIS database platform and related tools. Will also participate in meetings and conferences, and contribute to the publication of academic papers.
Minimum Education & Experience: 

Undergraduate degree

Three (3) years' related experience

Other Qualifying Skills And/Or Abilities: 
Graduate degree Computer Science, Neuroscience or related field (preferred). Experience with Unix/Linux operating systems and shell commands. Experience with image processing for neuroimaging such as automated brain registration, regional segmentation, morphometry and anatomical templates is an asset. Experience with MNI image processing tools and the MINC toolkit is an asset. Familiarity with version control systems, git, GitHub. Excellent communication skills, team oriented. Good organization skills and ability to learn quickly. Ability to communicate in French is an asset.
Reference Number: 
Reporting To: 
Senior Systems Manager
Salary Range: 
(Grade 05) $56,000 - $70,000 (midpoint) - $91,000
Faculty of Medicine
Montreal Neurological Institute Brain Imaging Centre
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