About Us

Colin Chalk at Centre Meeting 

The Centre for Medical Education promotes excellence and scholarship across the continuum of health sciences education. More specifically, the Centre for Medical Education at McGill:

  • Encourages innovation and excellence in teaching and learning;
  • Serves as a resource for curriculum development in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing health sciences education;
  • Stimulates interest in educational research and development;
  • Conducts research and scholarly work in health sciences education; and
  • Ensures that research advances the field of health sciences education and informs educational practice.

The Members of the Centre for Medical Education represent diverse backgrounds and disciplines and are involved in:

  • Educational planning, curriculum design and program evaluation;
  • Faculty development and educational consultations;
  • Research in health sciences education;
  • Mentorship of students, residents, fellows and colleagues;
  • Dissemination of educational innovations and research findings.

The Centre for Medical Education also works in close collaboration with the McGill Faculty Development Office, which focuses on promoting excellence in teaching and learning in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. The activities offered by the Faculty Development Office assist faculty members in their roles as educators, researchers, and administrators, using a broad range of methods to achieve faculty goals.