Laurie Plotnick

LAURIE PLOTNICK, MDCM, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and a full-time pediatric emergentologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Dr. Plotnick is committed to educational excellence and innovation at all learner levels with a particular interest in innovative learning methods and optimizing education-related collaborations. At the undergraduate level, she was the Director of the Introduction to Clinical Medicine/Transition to Clinical Practice (2012-2017) component leading the component’s curricular revision which included novel learning methods and assessments. As Associate Director (Education) of the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Dr. Plotnick has led educational advancements for residents, faculty and community healthcare providers including the creation of several pediatric acute care-related courses and a recent renewal of the Division’s academic half-days with novel learning activities and program evaluation. Dr. Plotnick is also currently Associate Chair (Education) of the Department of Pediatrics, advancing educational innovations through interdivisional collaborations related to CPD, simulation and curricular programming, as well as creating novel educational activities such as the engagement of retired physicians as teachers.

Current research interests: engaging retired physicians as teachers, clinical reasoning, innovative learning methods, mentorship, gender-diverse leadership.

Email: laurie.plotnick [at]