Nicole Ventura

NICOLE VENTURA, M.Sc, PhD is an assistant professor in the Division of Anatomical Sciences within the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. She is currently involved in the instruction of human anatomy for first and second year medicine and dentistry programs in addition to musculoskeletal and visceral anatomy courses for physical therapy, occupational therapy and kinesiology undergraduate programs. She completed her graduate degrees at Queen’s University with a background in anatomy teaching and basic science research; more specifically with a focus on the developmental origins of cardiovascular disease. As a Member of the Centre for Medical Education, she is now focusing on developing a platform in medical education research.

Current Research Interests: Implementation of (1) interprofessional education into health science curricula, (2) diagnostic imaging in anatomy and (3) haptic simulation in the training of future physicians. 

E: nicole.ventura [at]
T: (514) 398-5783