Peer Review of Research Proposals

The Centre for Medical Education has developed a robust process of peer review for all research projects prior to submission to the Faculty of Medicine Institutional Review Board (IRB). Although this process includes a consideration of ethical issues, the main focus is on the scientific merit of research proposals. The review is conducted with “in-house” faculty members and frequently involves the participation of colleagues from McGill’s broader academic community (e.g., members of the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Dentistry, and Teaching and Learning Services). The primary aim of the review process is to subject the research proposals to content and methodological expertise in order to provide investigators with every opportunity to aspire to excellence and produce proposals that are cogent, coherent, and compelling. A secondary aim is to promote collegiality, to role model the provision of constructive feedback, and to provide an on-going forum for capacity-building in research methods. A peer review process is currently available for the review of abstracts, posters and written opinion pieces as well, and it is anticipated that this process will be extended to include grant applications and manuscript submissions, as desired by Faculty Members and Associate Members.

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