Dept. of History

Transitions and Global Modernities: The Child 'Freak', Human Rights and the Ideal Citizen in the 20th Century


What can the history of the freak show tell us about citizenship? This talk will explore the connection between cultural markers of disability, childhood, and ideal citizens in twentieth century...

Congratulations! Prof. Heaman was promoted to full professor

Published: 23Feb2018

Professor Elsbeth Heaman was promoted to full professor in early 2018. Originally from British Columbia, she earned her B.A. and M.A. in our department and then went to the University of Toronto...

Prof. Kozak serially performs the complete Iliad every Monday for 30 weeks in Montreal

Published: 23Feb2018

Professor Lynn Kozak uses her sabbatical leave for an exciting and public performance-based research-creation project. The FRQSC-funded Previously On...the Iliad explores research questions about...