Sébastien Caquard - Mapping Contemporary Canadian Cinematographic Territories


Co-­sponsored by the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment. Contact: benjamin.forest [at]

Expert: Hurricane Matthew

Published: 6Oct2016

“Hurricane Matthew is poised to deliver a potentially catastrophic strike on Haiti beginning Monday, and poses a danger to eastern Cuba and Jamaica by Monday night.” (The Weather Network)

Victoria Slonosky: Canada’s Climate History: Weather Observations from the St-Lawrence Valley, 1742-2010


In conjunctions with our colleagues in Geography, through the Geospectives Speaker Series, Victoria Slonosky will be at McGill to present her research on the St Lawrence.

Taking stock of the world’s lakes

Published: 15Dec2016

The total shoreline of the world’s lakes is more than four times longer than the global ocean coastline. And if all the water in those lakes were spread over the Earth’s landmass, it would form a...

Geospectives: Wasting or Making Time and Space: Sweeping and Tattooing in the Mozambican Woodlands


This year's GeoSpectives series kicks off next Monday with Prof. Ingrid Nelson. Come hear "Wasting or Making Time and Space?

Quebec Toponymy Commission responds to petition led by DISE PhD student Rachel Zellars

Published: 29Sep2015

The Quebec Toponymy Commission has responded to a petition started by Rachel Zellars, PhD candidate in our Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), that asked the province to rename 11...

IHSP-Geography Departmental Seminar - Myriam Fillion


The McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy and the McGill Department of Geography are happy to welcome Dr. Myriam Fillion, Postdoctoral fellow in the Biology Department at the University of...

Overcoming hurdles to Arctic climate change adaptation

Published: 6Jan2016

By Katherine Gombay, McGill Newsroom Arctic peoples inherently able to adapt given changes to various non-climatic factors