Karl Moore

Protecting our frontline health workers

Published: 28May2020

In an interview with Professor Karl Moore, Dr Joanne Liu (IMHL'14) campaigns for the protection of frontline health workers, emphasizing the need for more personal protective equipment,...

Air Canada moves to acquire Transat AT

Published: 15May2020

Airline industry expert Professor Karl Moore weighs in on Air Canada’s proposed takeover of Transat A.T. Inc, owner of Quebec airline Air Transat. Read more

The art of managing upward

Published: 14May2020

In recent years, leadership has evolved from a position of authority to one of influence. According to Professor Karl Moore, this shift gives individuals the confidence to share their perspectives,...

What the future of air travel may look like

Published: 14May2020

As businesses across the world adapt their business models to meet evolving needs in the COVID-19 era, the airline industry looks forward with uncertainty. Professor Karl Moore weighs in what the...

The politics of reviving the global airline industry

Published: 5May2020

The global airline industry has grounded to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic closing borders across the world. Professor Karl Moore comments on the need for U.S. intervention to support the global...

Why Canada’s airline industry needs rescuing

Published: 27Apr2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented global changes, with the global airline industry among those hardest hit. The Canadian airline industry supports more than 600,000 jobs,...

Managing communications during an unprecedented global crisis

Published: 22Apr2020

Professor Karl Moore hears from Gavin Megaw and Karen White, members of the crisis communications team at AVENIR GLOBAL, as they share insight on managing internal and external communications...

Services adapt to protect Montreal’s most vulnerable

Published: 22Apr2020

Professor Karl Moore chats with Sam Watts, CEO of the Welcome Home Mission, about the increased vulnerability of people experiencing homelessness and the challenges his company faces in supporting...

Global pandemic likely to shape Gen Z’s worldview

Published: 2Apr2020

From the Great Depression, almost every generation has experienced a global crisis that has shifted their understanding of the world. The current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the world in a way...


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