Being a musician can help you decipher language in loud environments 

Published: 11Dec2017

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has shown that musical training helps people hear speech syllables in loud environments, and has shown how this happens....

Janine Metallic, DISE PhD candidate, featured in Gazette article about Mi'kmaq language

Published: 30Mar2016

DISE PhD student Janine Metallic spoke at length to The Gazette's Christopher Curtis this week for his article "Indigenous languages go under the microscope", published March 25, 2016.

Learning a Second Language May Depend on How your Brain Talks to Itself

Published: 20Jan2016

Researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute explore why learning a second language is easier for some people...

The Next Page: Immigration and Professional Transitions: Language Integration

Published: 9Dec2015

Language is important for any newcomer, particularly for those who wish to enter the job market. Communicating in the local language can help you through every step in the process: expanding your...

First language wires brain for later language-learning

Published: 1Dec2015

Research also demonstrates brain's plasticity and ability to adapt to new language environments

Placement Test: Part-Time English Language


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LEARN: Music to his Ears

Published: 3Aug2015

Masashi Usui has over 18 years of experience playing the saxophone. Yet when he applied to the Master of Music program at McGill’s Schulich School of Music, he was told that he needed to improve...

The Next Page: Natalie Zhayvoronok: A Better Career, and a Better Future

Published: 12Jun2015

Natalie Zhayvoronok had a double-major in Translation and Education when she arrived in Montreal from her native Ukraine in the summer of 2010. She was planning to continue her career as an ESL...


Published: 17Nov2014

 Study has far-reaching implications for unconscious role of infant experiences on adult development...