Media advisory: Who Pays for Canada? Taxes and Fairness

Published: 16Feb2018

Are Canadians fair or is that just a story we tell ourselves? Can we reason our way to lessened inequality or are violent cataclysms the only levelling power, as Thomas Piketty and Walter Schiedel...

2014 Cundill Lecture: True Believers? The Nature of Collaboration and Opposition in Communist Regimes, by Anne Applebaum


2013 Cundill Prize winner Anne Applebaum (Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944 - 1956) will deliver the annual Cundill Lecture, True Believers?

Book Launch: "Trudeaumania: the Rise to Power of Pierre Elliott Trudeau " by Robert Wright


To celebrate the publication of his recent book, Trudeaumania: the Rise to Power of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, bestselling author, Professor Robert Wright,  joins MISC Director, Andrew Potter, for a...

All Night Long: A Roundtable Discussion on Night and Cultural Neighbourhoods in Montreal


Thursday, September 26 - All Night Long:  A Roundtable Discussion on Night and Cultural Neighbourhoods in Montreal, part of Pop Montreal Symposium, with Simon Brault, president of Culture Montreal,...

Lifting Off and Flying High: Talent, Success in Canada

Published: 31Jan2013

How does Canada foster and grow its celebrities and success? Is Canada efficient enough at spotting talent and supporting it through incubation and lift-off? The McGill Institute for the Study of...

American Writers in Montreal: Reading and Discussion of Poetry and Prose


Join us to hear MISC Fulbright Student Award Recipient /miscCategory: MISC Distinguished Lecture Series