Student Research

Dare to be bold

16 Jul 2019

Student-led sustainability research projects get MSSI funding.

Investigating the Three Bares

2 Jul 2019

Tara Allen-Flanagan spent much of last summer delving into art archives to find out everything she could about an iconic piece of McGill’s downtown campus – The Three Bares fountain.

Why wait for grad school?

2 Jul 2019

Poke your head into a McGill research lab and you might walk away thinking that some of those graduate students look awfully young. There is a reason for that. They probably aren’t graduate students.

Building 21: An innovative space for academic play

10 Jun 2019

Building 21 – or B21 – caters to BLUE scholars (BLUE stands for Beautiful Limitless Unconstrained Exploration), who, armed with an idea, are given a short but intense summer fellowship.