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Engineering lessons

3 Sep 2019

In learning to manage their workload, students develop a valuable skill

‘Get involved’

3 Sep 2019

Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, so think about how lessons apply in the ‘real world’

‘Ask questions’

3 Sep 2019

Good instructors are happy to talk to students, so don’t be shy about talking to them

Deliberate practice and feedback makes progress: Teaching students to develop expertise (Webinar)


How can you help students develop expertise? How can you help students stay interested in what they are learning?/tlsCategory: Teaching and learning

Barbara Oakley: Sessions for students and instructors


  Instructor Session: Integrating Teamwork and Active Learning into the Classroom

Summer 2015 myCourses minor upgrade


A minor upgrade of the myCourses Learning Management System will take place from Sunday, July 12th, at 9:00pm until Monday, July 13th, at 1:00pm./itCategory: IT Scheduled Maintenance

Integration of third-party applications in myCourses

Published: 11Feb2016

If you currently use External Learning Tools (ELT) to integrate an application within myCourses, or are interested in integrating third-party applications in the future, please read on.