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From full presence to maximum performance


Long-term success requires not only a deep technical skill set and knowledge but also the possession of a capability to be fully aware of oneself, one’s colleagues and an organization’s strategic issues and its macro-environment.

With the changing needs and pressures of today’s environment, making quicker and balanced-decisions while achieving maximum stakeholder buy-in is crucial to success. This challenge requires leaders to connect with themselves, their team and their organization’s situation. The ability to return to centre, to be focused yet flexible, and to better be able to manage oneself – particularly in moments of stress - is key to high productivity and performance.

Authentic leadership provides an “experiential laboratory” environment where creativity and innovation flow and new business models, competitive advantage and ways of being can emerge. Through exercises designed for observing yourself and others in action, you will learn how to create synergy and added value with diverse individuals and teams from across the organization and fulfill your leadership potential.

Join us on April 29 - May 1, 2019 for this seminar.

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