Chemical Society Seminar: Rubén Martín - Turning simplicity into complexity by Ni catalysis: From comprehension to prediction


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An increased utilization of feedstock materials in catalytic endeavours holds great promise to revolutionize approaches in organic synthesis for preparing added-value building blocks. In this regard, catalytic protocols for incorporating carbon dioxide (CO2) into organic matter has recently attracted considerable attention in carboncarbon bond-forming reactions.Among the different alternatives, the ability to design catalytic CO2 fixation en route to carboxylic acids would be particularly appreciated, as these motifs are important structural elements in a myriad of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, among others. In recent years, our research group has reported some progress directed towards the catalytic reductive carboxylation of organic matter with CO2.These methods are characterized by their simplicity, wide substrate scope, including challenging substrate combinations with particularly sensitive functional groups and a diverse set of substitution patterns.


Ruben Martin was born in Barcelona in 1976. After receiving his PhD at the Universitat de Barcelona with Prof. Antoni Riera, he moved in January 2004 to the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung as a Humboldt postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Alois Fürstner, where he worked on iron-cross coupling reactions. In May 2005 he undertook further postdoctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald where he developed new metal-catalyzed C-C and C-N bond-forming reactions. In September 2008 he joined the ICIQ as a group leader; his research interests concern the discovery of novel organometallic catalytic methodologies for the activation of strong sigma bonds. During his time at ICIQ he has received, among others, the 2018 Hirata Award, 2018 OMCOS Award, 2018 Banc Sabadell Award for Sciences and Engineering, 2017 Marcial Moreno Award, 2015 RSEQ Excellence Research Award, and three European Research Council (ERC) Grants.

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