CI Webinar Series: Joerg Niessing, Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD



Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience


Changing customer behaviour, new technologies, disruptive competitors, digital trends like AI, VR, AR, robotics or big data: Our research is showing that senior executives often struggle to structure their thinking about all changes happening in a digital world. They often say that traditional strategies become completely obsolete in an agile world. Indeed, in this fast-paced environment, new approaches are required. But traditional strategies are not dead – they are just transforming. The key priority for emerging leaders is to align strategic market objectives with technological solutions to create outstanding customer experiences in a digital world. The first and most important step is, that companies need to decompose, understand, and map their customer journeys – which could of course differ by segment. Although companies might want to focus on the most important touchpoints where they can make a real difference compared to the competition (‘low hanging fruits’) they still need to look at the entire journey and understand at what stage which digital trend could be leveraged. Companies should interpret technology as an enabler of the customer experience they want to deliver.

Joerg Niessing

Joerg Niessing is an Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD and is passionate about bridging the academic and the business world on topics related to digital transformation, marketing strategy, customer centricity and data analytics. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Muenster. His credentials do not only come from his academic career, but also from 14+ years in management consulting. Here he focused on building leading brands and delivering profitable growth through the development of outstanding customer experiences, distinctive customer insights and data analytics.

At INSEAD, Joerg focuses on marketing and branding strategy, customer intelligence & data analytics, and digital transformation and develops and teaches courses in these areas. He is also the Executive Director of INSEAD elab, the research and analytics center at INSEAD that focuses on the intersection of data analytics, customer insights and digitization. Joerg gives talks and consults for a number of organizations in his area of expertise.

Before joining INSEAD Joerg worked as an Associate Partner at Prophet; a strategic brand and marketing consultancy, where he was also leading the customer insights & analytics team. At Prophet he has worked with companies to uncover and activate actionable customer insights through the application of customized research & analytics methods. He developed in-depth experience in customer-centric strategies, market evaluation,  segmentation, brand positioning, value proposition, brand equity & valuation, brand portfolio management, digital & social media strategy, and marketing effectiveness. He worked for clients such as Mondelez, eBay, United Healthcare, PepsiCo, T-Mobile, United Airlines, Samsung, Electrolux, GE Healthcare, UBS, Cartier and Zurich Financial.

Before joining Prophet, Joerg was a managing director at the Marketing Center Muenster. During this time he led several marketing projects in strategy development, brand management, and customer relationship management for a variety of German DAX companies including BMW, Deutsche Post, Volkswagen, Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn.

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