International Students: Finding Jobs in Canada (March Session)


Location: McGill Student Service Building (3600 McTavish St, Brown Bldg, Room 5001)

As an international student, the job search process can feel particularly daunting. There are work permits to consider, and it can be more challenging to communicate your skills and experience to an employer. This workshop will help you to identify the kind of work you would like to do, and understand how to seek out those work opportunities. We'll also discuss conventions around CVs, cover letters, and interviews in Canada, so that you can make the best possible impression with employers.

This workshop is tailored for international students and recent immigrants to Canada. By attending this workshop, students will be able to:
1) Identify some of the legal considerations of work in Canada as an international student
2) Develop strategies for conveying  skills and achievements to an employer
3) Identify the primary job search steps involved in obtaining a part-time, summer or post-graduation job in Canada.

Special guests: After this workshop, we invite you to stay and here from representatives from Montreal International who will present the "I choose Montreal" project - to support international students to stay in Montreal post-graduation. For more information, please click here.