MDC Semi-Finals 2019 Small Medium Enterprise Track


Bronfman Building Room TBD, 1001 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1G5, CA

The teams that make it past the Semi-Finals will be invited to the Finals round of the competition, scheduled to take place on March 27th, 2019.

The competition will culminate with the McGill Dobson Cup 2019 Awards Ceremony, taking place on April 4th, 2019, where over $150,000 in seed funding will be awarded to the most promising startups.

Get your tickets for the Awards Ceremony now to find out who wins – tickets sell out fast!

McGill Dobson Cup 2019: Announcing the Startups Pitching in the Semi-Finals

Small Medium Enterprise Track

1. 2ndHelpTransport newly purchased second hand items hassle-free

2. AntemodeAntemode is an ethical and sustainable fashion e-commerce platform, bringing all the best conscious fashion brands in one integrated shopping experience. Finally, shop according to your values.

3. BumpN: An integrated platform enabling Bars & Nightclubs to engage with their customers, providing the customers with many experience enhancing features and venues with highly actionable insights on their customers.

4. Casa 88: Casa 88 is a meal service business based in Montreal. It provides home-cooked food using our unique recipes. We offer 8 meals per week for a price of $65-$72

5. CHK PLZCHK PLZ is a mobile payment application that streamlines the billing process at bars and restaurants, allowing customers to split items and pay the bill directly from their smartphone.

6. DawaSwift Technologies Inc.DawaSwift is a web and mobile-app based software platform that offers real-time, on-demand and pre-scheduled pharmaceutical product delivery to customers whenever they need them from wherever they are by connecting them to local pharmacies and local drivers. From within the platform, customers can choose non-prescription items from a pharmacy or upload their prescriptions to the pharmacies’ ‘inboxes’ after which they choose to accept or reject an automatically generated bill from the pharmacy, then DawaSwift drivers pick up the product at the pharmacy and deliver the product to customers

7. E-Meks: E-Meks provides an inexpensive functional food product in different processed forms to rural households in Nigeria.

8. Eco Discuss: Eco Discuss is a software Startup providing smart and evolutive chatbots to green companies helping them gain more efficiency in their processes and increase their sells.

9. foodscout: With foodscout, users can discover a wealth of culinary experiences and order and pay ahead for pickup or from their table for sit down meals.

10. FYT: FYT is a content creation platform for fitness influencers that allows their users to participate in monthly challenges involving live or on demand workouts through a mobile app.

11. GEEK-itWe are an online community platform and a geek culture convention dedicated to bring local communities to the web. Our core service is to enable unique retailers and artists to showcase their products to the public online and offline.

12. Hearth: Hearth aims to improve student life and experiences by providing them with services to find their perfect housing and roommates. This simple application will strive to make housing search easy.

13. Host a PetHost A Pet is a marketplace that connects pet owners with certified Hosts that can offer up to six services. Our goal is to generate trust in our clients and good relationships to nourish a community and create a second family for these pets.

14. Khaos: At Khaos, we are dedicated to helping companies and creators tell stories. To start, we are building fully functional turnkey rentable studio spaces for podcasting, video recording and livestreams.

15. LunaLuna is a nightlife social media mobile application that allows users to know what their friends are up to and discover all the excitements that their city has to offer.

16. MacheMache is an innovative catering company that provides corporate events with food from local restaurants and producers, offering a unique service to guests and organizers.

17. Maxime BlackMaxime Black is a creation studio for ready-to-wear menswear clothing. It aims to create technical, practical and comfortable clothing embellished by our craftsmanship and use of exclusive fabrics.

18. MiNutritionWe are a nutrition company developing an easily accessible online app that provides a subscription service to a platform which connects competitive athletes as well as recreationally active individuals with our team of certified sports nutritionists.

19. NoteBinge: NoteBinge is an eCommerce marketplace that provides economic opportunities for students, while bettering the academic experience of others, by delivering top-tier quality lecture notes to its subscribers at student-friendly prices.

20. Out of the Box: For parents, who are eager to bring their children’s development to full potential, the “Out of the Box” is a set of 14 scientifically designed, interchangeable, early development toys.

21. Quokka Reward Limited: Quokka is an employee’s recognition and rewards platform tackling high staff turnover, low motivation at job in business by offering perks, recognition badges, loyalty program, milestones and challenges embedded in blockchain-based network

22. Restoply: Restoply is a marketplace that enables hungry consumers to save money on food by taking advantage of restaurants’ slow times.

23. ShuttleControl: ShuttleControl is a Software-as-a-Service designed to revolutionize the way courtesy shuttle services are offered around the world. We offer an all-in-one solution to increase customer satisfaction and make shuttle operations easy.

24. Slickk: Slickk is a platform that directs its users to hairstyles that are likely to suit them given their physical characteristics, along with the information and products necessary for them to achieve these styles.

25. Starting Blox: Starting Blox is the perfect snack energize you. With its innovative ingredients, this layered block covered in decadent carob chocolate will win your heart and help you win your day.

26. Storage Fellows: Storage Fellows offers affordable and bespoke full-service storage for students, including pick-up and drop-off, by leveraging volume-based pricing and a student workforce.

27. UBI Beef InspectionUBI is a unique meat inspectors network for international meat trade that assures quality, tackles down Food Waste and improves Food Safety, working at half the price of competitors.

28. Ugly HarvestUgly Harvest produces nutritious and delicious dehydrated soups using ugly and non-conforming produce to tackle the issue of food waste.

29. Underwear WorkerTraditional job hunting is pooped. Work is now everywhere, anywhere, especially in one’s underwear. Join this remote movement. Become hired by the best. Find your worldwide calling.

30. Upward Pets: Upward Pets is the first upcycled pet food business on the Canadian market. We help conscious consumers nourish their pets and the planet with sustainable treats made from upcycled food.

31. Vins Prose: Vins Prose plans to develop, import, package and market a range of canned wines for distribution in Quebec grocery and convenience stores.

32. Way with Words: Way With Words as a lifestyle boutique agency provides young Chinese-speaking communities with a one-stop online platform that accesses to various local activities and events.

33. YourCoursesYourCourses aims to provide university students an open platform to share their experience on courses they took and thus help future course-takers to better prepare for their courses.

34. YumaYuma is a service that offers meal plans at your work. When you need personalized meals delivered to your workplace at the best price, Yuma doesn’t take it as a joke.