Physiology Careers


McIntyre Medical Building 3655 promenade Sir William Osler, Montreal, QC, H3G 1Y6, CA

Location: Martin Theatre – McIntyre Bldg

Note: Registration will close at noon on Tues, Jan 16, 2018

This event will present a snap shot of possible career paths in Physiology. Find out from our guest speakers how key career decisions were made, how they got their foot in the door, and the challenges they may have encountered along the way.

6:00-6:10 Welcome and Overview of the Evening 

6:10-6:40 Valerie Walker; Vice President of Talent and Skills, Business Council of Canada

6:40-7:10 Nour Malek; Medical Writer, IC Axon

7:10-7:40 Diana Colizzia; Global Head, POP and Grants Governance, Novartis Pharmaceuticals 

7:40-8:10 Carmen Lampron; Director - Project for the Life Sciences Complex, McGill University

8:10-8:30 CaPS Presentation; Career Planning Service, McGill University

8:30-9:00 Refreshments – Networking Game – CAPS Table

Learning Outcomes

By attending these sessions, students will be able to:

1) Understand how a Physiology degree equips them with career-related skills
2) Identify potential industries and roles for further exploration 
3) Understand the connection between transferable skills and employability

Registration required through myFuture. Keyword search “Physiology” in the events section