Qatar Airways/McGill Intramural Air Law Speed Moot


Peel 3674 3674 rue Peel, Montreal, QC, H3A 1W9, CA

Qatar Airways and the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law are launching a new intramural "speed moot" competition focusing on issues in the specialised domain of air law.

The Qatar Airways/McGill Intramural Air Law Speed Moot Court Competition offers McGill law students at the BCL/LLB, LLM and DCL levels with the unique opportunity to grapple with fascinating topics and legal issues in aviation, and provides a platform for budding lawyers to perfect their oral advocacy and public speaking skills.

LOCATION: conference rooms, 3674-3690 Peel Street

Overview of the Air Law Speed Moot

To participate, each team must have two members. There will be no written submissions. Teams will make oral arguments only.

The forum tribunal will be the International Court of Justice.

The case problem will involve the international air law principle, found in many bilateral air services treaties, that puts a restrictive cap on the amount of foreign ownership of national airlines. The case will have only two principal issues (one for each team member).

Arguments will be limited to 15 minutes for each team. Each team will argue at least once for the appellant and once for the respondent. 

Course information

Participants in this moot court competition will receive 1 credit (Specialized Topics in Law 1 - Advanced Mooting 1). Pre-requisite for participation is PRAC 200 Advocacy.

The moot is not open to first-year students, nor to students that are currently completing, or have already completed, PRAC 510 Advanced Mooting 1


Teams are requested to please send in their registration form [.docx]. Deadline to apply is 7 March 2019.

The Case Concerning Drone Interference with Operations at Roberts International Airport [.pdf] is the 2019 moot problem. The case deals with issues arising out of drone penetration of public airport facilities.

Download [.pdf] the Rules of Procedure governing the McGill Air Law Speed Moot Court Competition.