SCSD Special Lecture


Current and future research that will realise aphasia recovery

The aim of this presentation is to present our research that informs a pathway for recovering from aphasia.

At the beginning of the pathway, early detection of aphasia is vital. The Brisbane EBLT is a free new reliable and valid language test for speech pathologists to use with acute post-stroke populations. Resolution of the language impairment or successfully living with aphasia is the aim at the end of the pathway. Our research shows that low mood consistently affects this outcome. The study also showed that graduate and postgraduate education were a negative related to successfully living with aphasia.

Interventions that we have developed and evaluated are the Language Impairment and Functioning Therapy (LIFT) program, the Action, Success Knowledge (ASK) program, the Communicative Fitness (CommFit) program, and implementation interventions. The results will be presented and future research directions discussed.

Presentation by: Prof. Linda Warroll, Ph.D - Professor of Speech Pathology, Co-Director of the Communication Disability Centre and Postgraduate Coordinator - University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Place: Leacock Building, Room 232, 855 Sherbrooke St. West

Contact: scsd [at] / 514-398-4137