Victoria Esses: Media Depictions of Refugees: Nature and Consequence


Room TBA, McGill University, CA

The Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship presents:

Media Depictions of Refugees: Nature and Consequences

Victoria Esses (University of Western Ontario)

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Abstract: Refugee resettlement policies and the treatment of refugees are often contentious issues involving uncertainty and unease. The media may take advantage of this uncertainty to create a crisis mentality in which refugee claimants are portrayed as “enemies at the gate” who are attempting to invade Western nations and take advantage of their generosity. Although it has been suggested that such depictions promote the dehumanization of refugees, there has been little direct evidence for this claim. In this presentation I will describe our program of research addressing this gap by using experimental methods to examine the causal effects of common media portrayals of refugees on dehumanization and its consequences.

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