Workshop | Poetry Matters


Wilson Hall Wendy Patrick Room, 3506 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2A7, CA


Continuing in the spirit of last semester's gathering, we cordially invite you to the second meeting of a new poetry event, “Poetry Matters". If you missed the first meeting, we are envisioning this group as a space for collaborative exchange – working together on poems and problems that interest us. 

For our February session, the spotlight falls on a selection of Canadian Romantic and modernist poetry (where the session’s moderators, Professors Eli MacLaren and Brian Trehearne, focus). Please contact one of the moderators (at brian.trehearne [at] or eli.maclaren [at] if you would be interested in reading aloud one of the assigned poems (to be distributed in a future message).

Topic for February 21: "Nature and Landscape in Canadian Poetry, 1860–1940”

Selected poems: Charles Sangster, “The Falls of the Chaudière, Ottawa” (1860), Isabella Valancy Crawford, “The Dark Stag” (1883), Archibald Lampman, “Among the Timothy” (1888), Raymond Knister, “The Hawk,” E.J. Pratt, “Newfoundland” and “Sea-Gulls,” W.W.E. Ross, “Pine Gum,” A.J.M. Smith, “The Lonely Land,” Dorothy Livesay, “Green Rain,” Floris Clark McLaren, “Frozen Fire”

Again, suggestions for upcoming sessions very welcome: if there’s a question on which you’re working that you'd like to discuss with the group, please be in touch. 

Finally, we’d also like to announce a second Poetry Matters session this term, which will take place on March 23rd, from 3:30-5:30, in Bronfman 340. This session will be moderated by Prof. Sandeep Banerjee (topic: "lyric" and “mediation" in English, Urdu, and Bengali poetry).

For further information on Poetry Matters, please contact:
Miranda Hickman – miranda.hickman [at]
Michael Nicholson – michael.nicholson [at]