Student mobilization leads to new internship compensation program!


Published: 13Aug2019

After three years of mobilization and protests, students and student associations across the province have obtained new funding for 17 000 students in sixteen programs, most of them traditionally feminized fields.

Our two students associations, including SWSA and SWAGS, played an active role in mobilizing students. One of our PhD students, Annabelle Berthiaume, was a member of the CUTE committees (Comités unitaires sur le travail étudiant), a key coordinating body for the movement.

Starting this fall social work students completing their final field internship in Quebec will be eligible for a $2,700 bursary for the final year of their field placement. Application and eligibility details will be available from the Field Office. Please send questions to pam.orzeck [at]

Person to contact (if relevant): pam.orzeck [at] or see website for further details.