Course evaluation results


One purpose of course evaluations at McGill is to provide students a voice regarding the quality of their learning experiences. Student feedback helps professors reflect on their teaching and improve future course offerings. Moreover, information about what McGill students thought of particular courses in previous semesters should help you chose your courses now.

In response to student requests for more openness and transparency, McGill promised to make it easier for students to view course evaluation results. This has entailed a one-year project of moving from paper to an entirely online course-evaluation system, which facilitates data collection and reporting. McGill is delivering on this promise in time for students to use the information for course selections for 2007-08.

Students may now access course evaluation results for 2006-07 courses through Minerva. Please note that only numerical data (not comments) are posted and only for courses in which all the following conditions are met:

  1. The instructor has had more than two years of teaching experience.
  2. At least five responses for classes of fewer than 25 students or a response rate of at least 20% for other classes.
  3. The instructor granted permission for us to post the results.

The majority of eligible instructors did grant permission this year. However, a number of instructors did not because the percentage of students responding online to their courses was quite low. We will continue to encourage students to complete course evaluations for each course every term so that more instructors are inclined to grant permission for us to post their results.

To view online course evaluation results, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Minerva
  2. Select Student Menu
  3. Scroll down and click on "Mercury – Online Course Evaluation Menu"
  4. Select "View course evaluations results"
  5. Then search for results either by course or instructor

Please address any questions you may have about online course evaluations to the Minerva Help Line.