New Faces on the QRCPCL Board of Directors


Published: 18Dec2009

At a general meeting of its members on 17 December 2009, the Board of the QRCPCL was renewed through elections for four seats. Emeritus Professor Paul-André Crépeau, Founding Director the Centre, was re-elected to the Board, as was Professor Geneviève Saumier.

We are also delighted to announce the election of two new Board members: Mr. Justice Nicholas Kasirer, former Dean of the Faculty of Law (2003-2009) and former Director of the QRCPCL (1996-2003), and Mr. Maxime Hébrard, a student in the Faculty of Law.

As Professor Lionel Smith, Director of the QRCPCL, explains, "The Board performs a crucial function in the governance of the Centre, and we are delighted to welcome the election of new and returning Board members. We are especially pleased that Nicholas Kasirer, who has had such a long and fruitful relationship with the Centre, has joined our Board."


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Director, QRCPCL
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