Professors Gélinas, Saumier and Leckey named to Faculty Chairs


We are thrilled to announce the appointments of three colleagues to named chairs in the Faculty of Law.

  • Fabien Gélinas has been named Sir William C. Macdonald Professor of Law, for a seven-year term commencing May 1, 2016. Fabien Gélinas, who leads the Private Justice and the Rule of Law research team, specialises in international dispute resolution and arbitration.
  • Geneviève Saumier will take up the chair left vacant by the untimely passing of H. Patrick Glenn, and is named Peter M. Laing Q.C. Professor of Law for a seven-year term, commencing May 1, 2016. A recognized expert in private international law, Geneviève Saumier focuses on consumer law, the resolution of international disputes and cross-border class actions.
  • Robert Leckey will become Samuel Gale Professor of Law upon Margaret Somerville’s retirement, for a seven-year term commencing on September 1, 2016. Robert Leckey, who is a William Dawson Scholar and who heads the Crépeau Centre, conducts research in constitutional law, family law, and comparative law.

Upon announcing the news, Dean Daniel Jutras underscored how Fabien, Robert and Geneviève bring credit to the Faculty through the excellence of their respective careers and the depth of their engagement in the university community. He also brought attention to how our three colleagues have played exceptional roles in the governance of the Faculty and of the University, while contributing to Canadian society at large. 

“All three lead research and publications programs that are recognized around the world,” said Dean Jutras. “They inspire students and support them steadfastly in their progress. I am very happy to see these three colleagues recognized so brilliantly and I invite all members of our community to join me in congratulating them for these well-deserved nominations!”