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“Quebec’s mental health is getting a boost as Health Minister Gaetan Barrette announced a $35 million public program to provide psychotherapy to those who need it.” (CTV News)

Rob Whitley, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Published on: 4 Dec 2017

“A large eruption of Bali’s restless Mount Agung volcano could be imminent, Indonesian officials have said as they called for 100,000 people to leave the area.” (The Guardian)

Don Baker, professor and volcano expert at McGill University

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Published on: 27 Nov 2017

The K-pop boy group BTS (aka Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean) or “Beyond the Scene” (English)) will be performing live at the American Music Awards (AMAs) this Sunday in Los Angeles. This will mark the first time that a K-pop group has had a solo stage performance on an American music awards show, after Psy performed with MC Hammer during the 2012 AMAs.

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Published on: 17 Nov 2017

Talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement have stalled, and some news reports are laying the blame on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to Global News and the National Post.

Published on: 10 Nov 2017

“Hezbollah's leader said on Friday that Saudi Arabia had declared war on Lebanon and his Iran-backed group, accusing Riyadh of detaining Saad al-Hariri and forcing him to resign as Lebanon's prime minister to destabilize the country.” (The Globe and Mail)

Rex Brynen, Political Science, McGill University

Published on: 10 Nov 2017

“The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased at record speed last year to hit a level not seen for more than three million years, the UN has warned.” (The Guardian)

Eyad Atallah, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University

He’s a research associate and course lecturer at McGill University. He can talk about the impact of climate change on weather patterns and discuss what lies ahead.

Published on: 10 Nov 2017

Bombardier Inc. announced it has sold a majority stake in its CSeries passenger jet business to European aerospace giant Airbus for no cost. (CBC)

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Published on: 17 Oct 2017

Here are McGill researchers available and interested to comment on the municipal elections in Montreal:

Richard Shearmur, School of Urban Planning, McGill University

Professor Shearmur is an urbanist who studies innovative municipalities, urban and regional development, and real estate.

richard.shearmur [at] (English, French)

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Published on: 16 Oct 2017

“Contentious new U.S. demands are set to hit NAFTA negotiating tables on Wednesday, threatening to push modernization talks toward collapse as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again tries to remind U.S. President Donald Trump of the trade pact's merits.” (BNN)

Andrea Bjorklund, Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University

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Published on: 11 Oct 2017

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 was divided, one half awarded to Rainer Weiss, the other half jointly to Barry C. Barish and Kip S. Thorne "for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves". (Nobel Prize)

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Published on: 3 Oct 2017

“President Trump on Sunday issued a new order indefinitely banning almost all travel to the United States from seven countries, including most of the nations covered by his original travel ban, citing threats to national security posed by letting their citizens into the country.” (The New York Times)

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Published on: 25 Sep 2017

The German election is on Sunday, September 24. One of the “hot” issues in the election is the number of immigrants/refugees that Germany has taken in.

Thomas Soehl, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology, McGill University

He can talk about how German discomfort with immigrants/refugees may be related to the kind of nationalism that evolved after Germain loss of territory following the 1st World War.

Published on: 21 Sep 2017

The effects of climate change on food security and nutrition are one of the major challenges facing humanity in the coming decades. Reflection is needed in order to adapt the agri-food system to this new climate and social reality. McGill professors are participating fromSeptember 24-27 in the International Symposium on Food Security and Nutrition in the Age of Climate Change in Quebec City. (Source)

Published on: 21 Sep 2017

Orange butterflies have been spotted by many in the South of Quebec this weekend. Contrary to popular beliefs, they are not monarchs, but Painted Ladies.

Stéphanie Boucher, Curator, Lyman Entomological Museum

She’s an insect expert. She can answer your questions about butterflies.
stephanie.boucher [at], 514-398-7914 (English, French)

Published on: 18 Sep 2017

“Wanted: A place with a million people, a diverse population, good schools and malleable lawmakers. Room to accommodate up to 50,000 workers. Canadian provinces also welcome to apply.” (New York Times)

Published on: 8 Sep 2017