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The statesmen who wrote the Constitutional Act of 1867 knew that they were making history. What did it mean to make history; what lessons did “History” hold for the discerning? The lecture will explore the relationship between Scottish-Enlightenment narratives of civilization, British constitutional history, English-French perplexities, and the peculiarly illiberal governance of Indigenous peoples in 1860s Canada.

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The exhibition is in two parts.  The first part is devoted to the Battle of Vimy Ridge and to the memorial dedicated by King Edward the 8th in 1936 at Vimy.  The second part of the exhibition is devoted to remembrance; to the memorials and to the memorialization of the bravery and sacrifices of Canada’s men and women during the First World War.  Part I opens on the 7th of April and continues through November; part II, will open on the 19th of May and continue to September 22nd.


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