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Interesting positions held by our graduates

  • Dr Jeffrey KARP (BEng'99, PhD'04 at UofT): A researcher in the Department of Medicine at BWH and director of the Laboratory for Advanced Biomaterials and Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Jeffery is the inventor of gecko-tape, a novel surgical tape covered with nanoscale pillars that mimic the gripping structures on geckos' feet. He was cited in 2008 as one of Technology Review's top young innovators, and has been recognized for outstanding teaching and mentorship at MIT.
  • Dr Michael AVEDESIAN (BEng'69): CEO of MAGNOLA Corporation, a multimillion-dollar magnesium production facility in Asbestos, Quebec.
  • Dr Taro ALEPIAN (BEng'67): Executive Vice-President of SNC-Lavalin Group, a major international Montreal-based consulting engineering company.
  • Dr Andy BENEDEK (BEng'66): Founder and CEO of ZENON Environmental Inc., a prominent Canadian water purification company focusing on novel technologies.
  • Dr Noubar AFEYAN (BEng'83, PhD at MIT): Founder and CEO of Applied Biosystems Inc., acquired by Perkin-Elmer and expanding internationally (PE Biosystems) into proteomics.
  • Livio De SIMONE (BEng'57): Chairman and CEO of 3M Corporation - who would not know 3M?
  • Jake EBERTS (BEng'62): Movie producer. His films include Gandhi, Chariots of Fire, A River Runs Through It, Driving Miss Daisy, Grey Owl, Super Mario Brothers, The Killing Fields.
  • Dr Axel MEISEN (PhD '70): President, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • John WILLS (BEng '75): President, Plumbing Products Division of Masco Corporation, makers of Delta, Peerless and Waltec faucets (company in US).
  • Laurent LEVI (BEng'91): Successful owner of AIREX Manufacturing Corp., a Montreal-based maker of an air freshener by that name. Started in the basement of his parents' home, the firm is now forecasting it will make more than one million units this year, marking the company's fourth consecutive year of growth since its incorporation in 1996.
  • Doug YIP (BEng '81): Lawyer and partner in Montreal law firm of Sweibel, Novek.
  • Greg VANCE (BEng '87): Vice-President and partner in Procaps Ltd, the world's second largest manufacturer of paintballs (company in Montreal).
  • Dr Peter TSANTRIZOS (BEng '78, MEng '81, PhD '88): Founder of Pyrogenesis Inc., developers of plasma technology for waste treatment and other uses (company in Montreal).
  • Matt COLLYER (BEng '93, MEng '96): Skat musician (Planet Smashers) and founder of Stomp, now 2112 Records (in Montreal).
  • Motaz KABBANI (BEng '93): Dancer and choreographer.

Our alumni in academia


  • B. Dlugogorski (MEng'89) - University of Newcastle
  • V. Gomes (MEng'86, PhD'90) - University of Sydney


  • N. Demarquette (MEng'90, PhD'95) - Uni. Sao Paulo (MetEng)
  • F.J. Moura (PhD'94) - Pontifica Uni. Catolica (Rio de Janiero)
  • M.L. Passos (PhD'91) - Federal University of Minas Gerais
  • R. Szente (MEng'86, PhD'90) - Uni. Sao Paulo (Physics)


  • J. Veilleux (PhD'11) - Université de Sherbrooke
  • L. Rouleau (BEng'05, MEng'06, PhD'10) - Université de Sherbrooke
  • J. Tavares (BEng'06, PhD'10) - École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • N. M. Abukhdeir (PhD'10) - University of Waterloo
  • F. Ajersch (BEng'63) - École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • J. Archambault (PhD'88) - Université du Québec at Trois Rivières
  • P.J. Bates (MEng'89, PhD'93) - Royal Military College
  • P. Chan (BEng'90, MEng'92, PhD'97) - Ryerson Polytech. Uni.
  • C. Chavarie (PhD'73) - École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • B.H. Chen (PhD'65) - Dalhousie Tech
  • R.G. Cooper (BEng'65, MEng'66) - McMaster U. (Management)
  • S. Coulombe (PhD'97) - McGill University
  • C.M. Crowe (BEng'53) - McMaster University
  • S.J.B. Duff (PhD'86) - University of British Columbia
  • N. Epstein (BEng'45, MEng'46) - University of British Columbia
  • M. Fels (MEng'65) - Dalhousie Tech
  • J.D. Ford (BEng'55) - University of Waterloo
  • M. Hasan (PhD'88) - McGill University (Metall. Eng.)
  • S.G. Hatzikiriakos (PhD'91) - University of British Columbia
  • M.-C. Heuzey (MEng'96, PhD'99) - École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • K.G.T. Hollands (PhD'67) - University of Waterloo (Mech.Eng.)
  • C. Hyndman (MEng'91) - University of Calgary
  • V.M. Jog (MEng'75) - Carlton University (Management)
  • J.P. Jones (BEng'66) - Université de Sherbrooke
  • R.J. Kerekes (PhD'70) - University of British Columbia
  • S. Kuzak (BEng'85, MEng'91) - Dahousie Tech
  • P.G. Lafleur (PhD'84) - École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • R.J. Lencki (PhD'88) - University of Guelph (Food Sci.)
  • G.D.M. MacKay (BEng'52) - DalTech
  • W. McCaffrey (BEng'88, MEng'92, PhD'96) - University of Alberta
  • A. Meisen (PhD'70) - Memorial University (President)
  • C. Moresoli (BEng'82, MEng'86) - University of Waterloo
  • C. Mulligan (BEng'83, MEng'85) - Concordia University (Civil Eng.)
  • R.J. Munz (PhD'74) - McGill University
  • R.A. Nassef (PhD'92) - Université du Québec/ETS
  • Y. Ni (MEng'89, PhD'92) - University of New Brunswick
  • M. Perrier (PhD'91) - École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • K.L. Pinder (BEng'51, MEng'52) - University of British Columbia
  • B.B. Pruden (PhD'69) - University of Calgary
  • B. Ramsay (PhD'87) - Queen's University
  • J. Ramsay (PhD'87) - Queen's University
  • C. Roy (MEng'76) - Université Laval
  • J. Sheppard (PhD'89) - McGill University (Agr. Eng.)
  • J. Simandl (BEng'82) - McGill University
  • P. Stuart (BEng'82, MEng'84, PhD'92) - École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • N. Tufenkji (BEng'99) - McGill University
  • E. Wolfe (BEng'83, MEng'85) - University of Toronto
  • K. Woodhouse (BEng'79) - University of Toronto
  • P. Wood-Adams (MEng'95, PhD'99) - Concordia University



  • R. Clift (PhD'70) - University of Surrey


  • C. Panayiotou (PhD'81) - Aristotle University
  • M. Tsezos (PhD'81) - Tech. Univ. of Athens

Hong Kong

  • G. Chen (MEng'89, PhD'95) - Uni. of Sci. & Technology
  • F. Gao (MEng'89, PhD'94) - Uni. of Sci. & Technology
  • P.-L. Yue (BEng'65, PhD'71) - Uni. of Sci. & Technology


  • K. Kant (PhD'83) - I.I.T. Kanpur (Mech.Eng.)
  • A.K. Srivastava (PhD'90) - I.I.T. New Delhi


  • I. Prasetyo (MEng'92) - University of Gadjah Mada


  • S. Ashrafizadeh (MEng'92) - University of Science & Technology
  • G.S. Etemad (PhD'95) - Isfahan University
  • A. Haghtalab (MEng'85, PhD'90) - Tarbiat Modarres University
  • S.M. Hosseinalipour (PhD '96) - U. Sci.Tech. Narmak (Mech.Eng.)
  • M.-A. Isazadeh (PhD'93) - Abadan Institute of Technology
  • A.H. Shiravi (PhD'95) - Shahid Chamran University
  • E. Vasheghani-Farahani (MEng'86, PhD'90) - Tarbiat Modarres U.


  • S. Ali (PhD'84) - University of Technology


  • J. Tobin (PhD'86) - Dublin City University


  • M. Al-Jabari (MEng'92, PhD'95) - An-Najah University (West Bank)
  • S. Kenig (PhD'72) - Technion, Haifa


  • D. Abu-Fara (MEng'83, PhD'88) - University of Jordan
  • A. Al-Haj Ali (MEng'85, PhD'89) - University of Jordan
  • F. Banat (PhD'95) - Uni. Sci. & Technology
  • R. Jumah (PhD'95) - Uni. Sci. & Technology
  • H. Mousa (PhD'90) - Uni. Sci. & Technology
  • M. I. Kandah (PhD'97) - Jordan University of Science & Technology


  • T.-T. Tee (PhD'75) - University of Malaysia (Mech. Eng.)


  • M. Vaca-Mier (MEng'85) - Universidad Autonoma Metropolitan

New Zealand

  • S. Larcher (PhD '11)- University of Canterbury


  • R.L. Salcedo (PhD'81) - University of Porto

Saudi Arabia

  • K. Al-Sugair (MEng'87, PhD'93) - King Saud University


  • A.S. Mujumdar (MEng'68, PhD'71) - National University of Singapore


  • M. Zumer (MEng'69) - University of Ljubljana

South Africa

  • D. van der Merwe (PhD'69) - Univ. of Witwatersrand (Mech.Eng.)

South Korea

  • K. Lee (PhD'93) - Young Dong Inst. of Technol.


  • M.T. Mehmetoglu (PhD'80) - Ankara University
  • B.Z. Uysal (PhD'78) - Gazi University

United Arab Emirates

  • M.H. El-Naas (PhD'96) - UAE University

United States

  • D.-J. Carrier (MEng'86, PhD'92) - University of Arkansas
  • A.J. Giacomin (PhD'86) - Uni. of Wisconsin (Mech.Eng.)
  • D. Kalyon (MEng'77, PhD'80) - Stevens Inst. of Technol.
  • A. Lawal (PhD'85) - Stevens Inst. of Technol.
  • F.S. Manning (BEng'55) - University of Tulsa
  • A. Mulchandani (PhD'85) - Uni. of California a Riverside
  • N.T. Obot (MEng'75, PhD'81) - Clarkson University
  • T.D. Papathanasiou (PhD'91) - University of South Carolina
  • M.E. Ryan (BEng'71, MEng'73, PhD'79) - State U. NY at Buffalo
  • N.J. Themelis (BEng'56, PhD'61) - Columbia University (Met.Eng.)
  • A.R.P. van Heiningen (PhD'82) - University of Maine
  • P. van Walsum (BEng'88, MEng'92) - Baylor University

Our recent graduates


  • Sara Babaei (PhD, Supervisor: P-L. Girard-Lauriault)
  • Emma Bedard (MEng, Supervisor: R. Leask)
  • Scott Cooper (PhD, Supervisor: R. Leask)
  • Mathew Evans (PhD, Supervisor: S. Coulombe)
  • Adya Karthikeyan (PhD, Supervisor: S. Coulombe)
  • Pierre Pascone (PhD, Supervisor: J-L. Meunier)
  • Amir Younes (MEng, Supervisor: S. Omanovic)


  • Hawa Alajaili (MEng,Supervisor: S. Omanovic)
  • Aqeel Alrebh (MEng, Supervisor: S. Omanovic)
  • Agil Azimzada (MEng, Supervisor: N. Tufenkji)
  • Zeina Baalbaki (PhD, Supervisor: V. Yargeau, P. Vanrolleghem)
  • Jason Ivall (PHD, Supervisor: P. Servio)
  • JingSi Jiang (MEng, Supervisor: J. Kopyscinski)
  • Karen Markwick (MEng, Supervisor: C. Hoesli)
  • Wenwen Mei (MEng, Supervisor: M. Maric)