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NMR Facilities

Otto Maass Building (514)398-6219 (514)398-3797 robin.stein [at] mcgill.ca (Robin Stein)  
Mass Spectrometry Otto Maass Building (514)398-6178 or 7326 (514)398-3797 Nadim.Saade [at] McGill.CA (Nadim Saadé) and Alexander.Wahba [at] Mcgill.Ca (Alexander Wahba)  
Chem Stores Otto Maass Building, Rm. 41 (514)398-6221 (514)398-2382

Mario.Perrone [at] McGill.CA (Mario Perrone)

Hours of Operation
10:00am - 12:00pm
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Electronics shop Otto Maass Building, Rm. 42 (514)398-6218 (514)398-2382 Richard.Rossi [at] McGill.CA (Rick Rossi )and Weihua.Wang [at] mcgill.ca (Weihua Wang)  
Machine Shop Otto Maass Building, Rm 39-46  (514)398-6215 (514)398-2382 Jean-Philippe Guay