Robot Module Specifications

Our SAGIAN automated system has recently been upgraded thanks to a large infrastructure grant from the Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI), awarded to the Integrated Quantitative Bioscience Initiative (IQBI). The robotic system now boasts a brand-new SCARA arm, the latest Biomek pinning-liquid handler, a new Thermocycler and a high-performance CCD camera in a custom-made black box.  It can perform (almost) any experiment, including liquid handling, colony pinning, shaking, incubating, sealing, running PCR, imaging over long periods of time...


Module Description

Automated Workstation (Biomek NEW FXp, Beckman Coulter)
- Versatile liquid handler for 96- or 384-well plates.
- Equipped with a 96-channel 200 μl head and a 8-independent channel head.
- Pintools for 96-, 384 and 768 formats
- Enclosed in an Iso class 5 cleanroom.
- Different modules can be installed such as a magnetic bead unit, a filtration unit, a magnetic stirrer, an orbital shaker, a heating unit and a circulating reservoir.

Incubator (Cytomat 6001, Kendro)
- Accommodates up to 125 standard plates and 30 deep-well plates
- Incubation from 10 to 50ºC.
- CO2 supply possible for cell culture
- Agar plates can be incubated (and manipulated) upside down to prevent condensation on lid.
Plate Reader (DTX880, Beckman Coulter)
- For absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization and time-resolved fluorescence.
- Heated chamber (from 4ºC above ambient up to 45ºC).
- Reads from top or bottom of 6- to 384-well plates.
- Current filter sets include 260, 340, 370, 405, 450, 485, 535, 595 and 620 nm for excitation and 535, 595 and 625 nm for emission.
- Can perform endpoint, multiple wavelength, kinetic, or area scans.

Grashopper3 USB 3.0 CCD Camera (Point Grey)

- 10-40mm high resolution varifocal lens
- Enclosed for dark environment.
- Two bulbs providing white light from top of the plate.
- Polarized filters to prevent light reflection
- Medium- to high-resolution pictures (JPEG, RAW format).

Plate washer (ELx405 select, Biotek Instruments)
- Dispenses from top and washes from bottom.
- Flow rate is adjustable for sensitive assays.
Carousel (Beckman Coulter)
Accommodates up to 90 standard plates and 40 deep-well plates or tip boxes.

Thermocycler (TRobot , Biometra)
96 or 384 well plate block

Robotic Arm (SCARA, Beckman Coulter)
Slides on a ~2 meter rail to move plates or labware between devices.

Dispenser (Multidrop384, Titertek)
8-channel head to dispense 5 to 395 μl from a single or multiple reagent bottles
Lidding station (Beckman Coulter)
- Accommodates up to 6 lids.
- Maintains the lid-plate association.
Plate shaker (Beckman Coulter)
Configured with 6-plate locations.
 Plate sealer (ALPS 300, from Abgene)
Used to seal plates for storage or to prevent evaporation or contamination during incubation or shaking.
PICTURE Tip lift and disposal unit (Beckman Coulter)
Accommodates up to 96 200 μl tip boxes.