Robots/Automation Facility - Services

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Custom Assays Development

Design, programming and validation of methods tailored for your needs.
Examples of custom methods and projects

  • Re-array of an E. coli library for an RNAi screen in C. elegans
  • Re-format of a S. cerevisiae collection from 96-well plates to individual vials
  • Compound library copy and re-arrangement
  • SGA screens (pinning) and confirmations (spotting assay)
  • Experimental evolution and evolutionary rescues
  • siRNA screens
  • ELISA assays
  • PCR-based genotyping
  • Luminsecent expression reporter
  • Fluorescence displacement
  • Drug sensitivity screens (in liquid medium or on solid medium)
  • Assys in 24-, 96- or 384 wells plates
  • and more...

Experimental Modules

  • Plasmid DNA preparation: Submit E. coli clones on agar plates or as liquid cultures in tubes or 96-deep well plates for plasmid DNA minprep.
  • Fly genomic DNA preparation: Submit 5 Drosophila flies/well in 96-well plates to get genomic DNA suitable for PCR genotyping.
  • Growth spotting assay: Submit liquid cultures of yeast or bacteria or use our yeast collections to screen by spotting serial dilutions on agar-plates.

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