xRay Microscopy - xRadia Versa 520

Want to visualize your sample's micro-structure in 3D?

Want to characterize the material properties of your specimen on a nano-scale?

The highly advanced X-ray microscope technology of the Zeiss Xradia 520 Versa takes non-destructive three dimensional imaging to a new dimension. It allows to visualize and quantitatively measure the previously unattainable sub-micron architecture of an almost unlimited range of material, ranging from solids such as rock, glass, polymers, metals, fossils and bones to soft biological tissue.

Our Xradia 520 Versa includes the following exciting features:

  • True spatial resolution up to 700nm, achievable minimum voxel size of 70 nm
  • Vertical stitching combined with wide field view to allow the imaging of larger fields of view
  • Phase Contrast Imaging to provide optimal contrast for low atomic number materials such as soft tissues
  • Maximum size of sample: approximately 30 cm3 and 15 kg
  • In house image processing available


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