Questions, questions, questions...


  • Where is the camp located?

    McGill Conservatory Day Camp is located at the Schulich School of music at McGill University (formerly the McGill Faculty of Music). Please see the Contact Us section of our website.

  • What are the dates of the camp?

    Please see dates & schedules.

  • What is the schedule of the camp?

    All camp programs start at 9 a.m. and run until 4 p.m. (please also see below for pre- and after-camp supervision). For all camps, we have a welcome activity that starts at 8:30 am . For specific camps (Artemusiki, Artemusik, Experimento), a departure activity is also offered from 4:00 to 4:30 pm. Pre camp & after camp , (starting at 7:30 until 8:30 am and from 4:30 to 6:00 pm) is available to campers of 12 years old and under. You can add this option upon registration or pay as you go (2$/30 min, per camper).

  • Is it possible to register my child for only one week?

    We have a variety of programs that run for 1 or 2 weeks. Therefore, it's not possible to register for only one week in a  2 weeks program. This is due to the fact that the goal of each camp session is to produce a show at the end of the week and both weeks are required for preparation.

  • Can my child miss the first day of camp?

    Yes, it is possible, but highly discouraged. The first day of camp is very important, because this is when we present and explain the theme of the show, the rules of the camp, and where our campers learn each others' names and make friends! In addition, the two-week sessions go by so quickly that missing even one day can make it hard for campers to catch up on the preparation for the show (ask any camper who's attended the camp before!). Please note that any camper who has missed 2 consecutive days will not be re-admitted to the camp. In fact, any camper who has missed 2 days has already missed too much rehearsal to be able to catch up in time to perform in the show.

  • Do campers need to have musical or artistic training to attend the camp?

    No, there are no pre-requisites to participate in the camp. Exceptions to this rule include Music Advance camp, Band Camp, Broadway, Pop Camp and Garage Band Camp, whose campers must pass an audition before camp begins.

  • What is a typical day at the camp?

    Please see Camp Calendar.

  • Do your campers ever go outside?

    Three 30-minute time blocks are set aside each day for outdoor activities (morning, noon and afternoon). In addition, there is a 40-minute sport activity each day, which takes place outside. Please see schedules.

  • Who are your employees?

    All our employees are bilingual, first-aid certified and trained to supervise children and monitor activities.

    • Teachers: Our teachers are responsible for giving workshops in their specialized domain every day to each age group at the camp. Our teachers are professionals in the domain of the activity, or university students studying in this domain.
    • Counsellors: :Counsellors are responsible for one age group for an entire 2-week session. Each counsellor participates in the specialized workshops with their group. In addition to this, they organize games and supervise lunch periods.
    • Pre- and after-camp supervision counsellors: Pre- and after-camp supervision counsellors are younger counsellors, who have completed their C.I.T. Program (Counsellor in Training Program, recognized by the Quebec Camp Association). In addition to their supervision in the mornings and after camp, they are present during lunch periods, as well as at the shows. Some of these counsellors also volunteer their time to help out with the younger groups during the day as well.
  • My child loves camp! Can I register him/her for more than one session?

    For parents of children who are participating in our camp for the first time, we reccomend registering them for one session only. If you child still wishes to participate in more than one session, then please note that for Camp Artemusiki (4-6 years old) and Camp Artemusik for 7-12 year-olds, the 1st and 3rd session shows will be the same. Therefore, in order to make sure that your child doesn't have to repeat the same show, we suggest registering for camps 1 and 2 OR 2 and 3.

  • Is the camp really bilingual?

    Yes, we offer a completely bilingual program. However, we are not an immersion camp. We have as many English campers as we do French campers and all our staff explains each activity in both languages.

  • Do you offer a bus transportation service?

    No. Our camp takes place in downtown Montreal, and our clientele comes from all over the Montreal area. Therefore, it is impossible for us to offer this service at any kind of reasonable cost. However, we do encourage you to form carpooling groups with other campers in your area, or with friends!

  • Were do I drop off my child?
    What do we need to bring on the first day?

    To answer all these questions, the Camper's Guides will be available on the website in June. An e-mail will be sent out to all registered campers, instructing them to visit Camper's Guides, where they will find all the pertinent information on the camp.

  • Do you provide meals?

    No. Each camper must bring their own lunch and snacks. Please note that we do not have access to microwaves to heat lunches, nor do we have access to refrigerators to keep meals cool. Therefore, all food brought to camp must be kept cold with an ice pack, and must not require heating. But for your convieniance, we do offer a meal plan program in collaboration with McGill food services, which information can be accessed here: Lunch Box Plan

  • Is it possible to visit the camp facilities?

    No. Since the McGill Conservatory is using the Schulich School of Music rooms during the summer, we cannot organize any kind of visits to these facilities outside of the dates they are rented during the summer.



  • What is the ratio of campers to counsellors?

  • Will my child be with other children of the same age?

    Absolutely! We group our campers together by age group. The age is calculated by September 30th (as the school system does)

  • Is it possible for my child to be placed in the same group as his/her friend?

    Yes, this is possible, as long as the 2 children are the same age and that this request has been made in the appropriate field on the registration form. Otherwise, it is not possible. Please also note that we cannot guarantee the accommodation of a group of friends (more than 3 campers) that wish to be together.

  • My child will be 4 years old in early September.
    Can I register him/her for camp?

    Yes. Any child who turns 4 before September 30th of the current year, will be able to participate in the camp. This applies to all age groups, for example: a child who will be 8 years old before September 30, will be placed in the 8-year-old group.


Pre- and After-Camp Supervision

  • Do you offer pre- and after-camp supervision?

    Yes! For the campers of 12 yrs old and under, we do offer pre-camp supervision starting at 7:30 am and after-camp supervision from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. You can pay on a day-by-day basis or choose an all-inclusive package upon completing your registration. Please see Pre- and After-Camp Supervision on our website.

  • Who is responsible during pre- and after-camp supervision?

    Our counsellors are responsible for the campers who have chosen to take advantage of this service. They are responsible for monitoring activities and organizing games, etc.

  • How much does this optional service cost?

    The fees associated with pre- and after-camp supervision are $50 per week or 2$/ 30 min. Please consult Pre- and After-Camp Supervision on our website for more information.

  • What time does the after-camp supervision close?

    After-camp supervision ends at 6pm. After this time, a fee of 2$ per child per block of 5 minutes will be charged.



  • Can I pay the camp fees in more than one installment?

    Yes, you can pay the fees in three installments, if you prefer. We must have the 50$ registration fee within 5 days of registration, and the balance must be paid by May 15 at the absolute latest.

  • Is there a minimum fee to be paid in the first installment?
    Do I have to pay the camp fees in full to have access to any discounts?

    In order to confirm your child's registration in the camp, and to be eligible for any discounts offered, you only have to pay the 50$ registration fee within 5 days of registration. The balance can be paid any time before the payment deadline, which is May 15. For more information of how to pay, please refer to the instructions given here: Registration Payment

  • Is there a discount for registering a second child within the same family?

    Yes, and we also offer another discount for registering a 3rd child in the same family! Please see Fees for more details on discounts.



  • My child is fatally allergic to peanuts.
    How will you ensure his/her safety?
    Are your counsellors trained to administer Epipen injections in case of emergency?

    Please note that the McGill Conservatory Day Camp is not a peanut-free camp. However, we do have measures set in place to prevent accidents. We have, in the past, welcomed young campers with severe allergies (for example: to nuts, medication, seafood, peanuts, dairy products, etc.), and we've never had any problems to date. Our counsellors are trained in first-aid and, as such, are qualified to administer an Epipen injection. However, we have never had a situation in which this was required.

    Here is a list of measures that we take to ensure the safety of our campers with severe allergies:

    • All of our counsellors are first-aid certified, and are trained to handle allergic reactions. Their training is also geared towards maintaining a safe environment for our campers.
    • Each camper is assigned to a group for each 1- or 2-week session. This group stays together with the same counsellor for the duration of the session, which ensures consistency. We recommend that parents inform their child's camp counsellor of the allergy on the first day of camp. If you mentioned this allergy on the registration form, then the camp counsellor will already be aware of it.
    • Camp counsellors call the parents of all the campers in their group before the camp begins in order to inform them of any severe allergies in the group, and to ask them to avoid packing lunches and snacks that include the food product in question. Even with these measures in place, though, we cannot call our camp a peanut-free camp, as we cannot control what food comes to camp in our campers' lunch boxes. However, we always keep an eye on the situation in order to ensure the safety of our campers.
    • Each group eats lunch together, and the camper with allergies always sits near the counsellor.
    • After each meal, the campers are required to wash their hands.
    • Sharing of food (as well as sunscreen and all other products) is not allowed.
    • Any child with a severe allergy must carry an Epipen on their person at all times. Some parents also bring us an extra Epipen for the camper, which is kept in our Camp Headquarters. We highly suggest this - you can never be too careful!