Mika Fund

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Amount collected to date:  $7895- thank you!


What is the Mika Fund?

Unrelated to the pop singer (even though we enjoy his music!), the Mika Fund aims to offer the camp experience to low-income families.

The fund is named after the camp's first mascot, Mika (our Camp Director's beloved black Labrador, who passed away in 2008).

Her friendliness toward everyone prompted the McGill Conservatory Day Camp staff to set up this fundraiser in her memory.

Your donation will provide camp sessions at a lower cost (depending on the family's income) for art-loving campers, who, without YOUR generosity, would not have the opportunity to participate. We invite you to donate whatever you can during registration, so that as many youngsters as possible can benefit this summer season.


How can you help?

You will be able to make an online donation of $10, $20 or $50 while enrolling your children at camp, or you can contact the camp office at (514) 398-5505 to make a donation of the amount of your choice. You can also donate online via McGill Give Now , choose "other" and enter " Mika Fund - Conservatory" . 

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Ideal Candidate

  • From a family whose household income is below Quebec average.
  • Family who does not receive any other types of subsidies for day camps or sleep-away camps.
  • Grade-school or high-school children interested in arts, music and multimedia.
  • Ideally, but not restricted to, those restiding in Ville-Marie, Saint-Henri, Centre-Sud, Pointe-Saint-Claires, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Verdun areas.

Steps to submit an application:

  1. Complete and submit the application form - do not omit any required information!
  2. Fill out the camp registration form of your choice. You shouldn't wait on funding to register, we don't want you to miss your chance and get a filled -up camp! For the Mika Fund registrations, there is no payment commitment before the funding proposal. If it's impossible for parents to join the camp, we'll just cancel the registrations. 

  3. Your application is reviewed by the McGill Conservatory Day Camp administration.
  4. Partial subsidy is offered to a select number of candidates who meet the requirements.
  5. Enjoy the camp!

Children (and their parents!) who are interested must fill out an application form, available online or at the McGill Conservatory office. They will need to show their interest in the chosen camp program by sending us a letter of motivation, a video testimonial, artwork (drawing, painting, collage, etc.) or a musical work.

Once the form has been duly completed, the day camp administration will contact the qualifying families in order to let them know the amount of the partial subsidy available to their child for the chosen camp program.


Application Form

Application Form for summer 2017  

Presentation of the Mika Fund



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