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* Due to unforeseen changes in both administration & building work, we won't be offering camps in 2019* 

Please, keep an eye on our website for more info, we hope to see you again in 2020!


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Here are more informations for our first time clients!​

What you want to know?

How to create my account

The McGill Conservatory Day Camp has its own registration system, not linked with Minerva (used by McGill staff & students) or the Conservatory; sorry!
As soon as registration is opened, a link for the registration system will be posted right on this page. 

Here are the steps to create your account:
1. Click on the " Create an account" link below the connexion box

2. You'll need to enter the requested informations; be aware of any capitalization of your email address since it will be used as a username and it's case sensitive! Your password needs to be at least 10 digits long, with letters and numbers!

3. Once you click " Create an account", you'll receive a confirmation email (go see your Inbox or your Spam box before switching to panic mode ;) . Once you get the email, Click on the link that says " Please click this link to activate your account

4. The system will ask you to enter your password again. 

5. One last email will be sent to you to confirm the creation of your account. If you click on the link that says " Please click here to register", you will be directed to the connection box of the registration system.

What programs are there to choose from?

Our camp offers a variety of music, performing / visual / media arts programs, for campers between the ages of 4 and 17 years old! We are also proud to host a very successful CIT/ DAFA (Counsellor In Training you guys;), as per usual in our bilingual setting!

Here are the primary decision factors to make a camp selection:
- Age of the camper 

We calculate the age of the camper on September 30th, as the school system does). So for example, if your camper is 8 years old but turning 9 years old in late August, all the programs starting at 9 years old will also be offer upon registration! Have a look at the Camp per age document to help you quickly find camps for the ages that you are looking for.

- Duration of the experience
We offer full-day camps only, no half-day! We have a range of one-week- & two-week- camps, and some of three-weeks and even five-weeks for the CIT/DAFA! Since we are preparing a final presentation in all programs, campers may only register to the full duration of the camp (one or two weeks); we don't offer daily registrations. If you wish to spend a bigger part of your summer with us, you can mix and match your camp selection to accommodate your schedule. 
Have a look to our visual calendar to give you a better idea of which camps are taking place during which part the summer!

- Type of programming
What are the interests of your child? What does he/she wish to accomplish this summer? What experience would you like him/her to get out of camp?
Our camps are assembled into 6 sections: Music, Performing arts, Visual arts, Media arts, Mix it up & Training
Have a look into our programs section to see all of the different options to fill up your summer!

Still not sure? Visit our How to successfully choose a camp page!

How to verify camp availabilities

Registrations usually starts mid-January and spots are filling up fast, especially for the 5-to-7-year-old camps & CIT/DAFA program! Most of the camps are full by mid-april but we keep a list to availabilities for you to check out. We also have free wait list that you can register on for all our programs. 

How to register

Check out the Online Registration Steps or the Step by Step Registration Process documents for more details on the online registration process!

Take a quick look at this list to make sure that you have everything you need!
Our online form asks for the following informations:

1. Contact info: Our registration form will ask you for four contacts (including you!) with two phone numbers for each. Usually, Contact 1 & 2 are the legal guardians of the camper and they are the first 2 people to contact in case of emergency. Two numbers are required for each of the 2 primary contacts. We need a minimum of 3 different numbers for the contact 1 & 2 combined. Example: The same home number can be used for both, but we will need a different work / cell / pager number for the contact 1 & 2.

It's also at this step of the registration process that we will ask you to provide us with the information regarding the tax receipt (Relevé 24) information for the summer. " 0%" = no receipts will be issued, " 50%" = both contacts 1 & 2 want a tax receipt for 50% of the allowable amount. " 100%" = the person that is requesting the receipt will have one issued for 100% of the admissible amount. No receipt will be issued without the up-to-date required information. Make sure to give accurate information to avoid any delay!

Contacts 3 & 4 can be other people who are authorized (or not authorized! ) to come pick-up the camper, other family members, friends, neighbours, or co-workers that can help us reach Contact 1 and 2 in case of emergency. For these contacts, the only information required is one phone number. We also added a Contact 5 if you need it, but it's not mandatory!

2. Medical info: We need a valid Medicare number from your camper (make sure to indicate the province, country or company if it's not from Quebec). We also need to know about your child's authorized medication (taken by the camper or that you authorize the camp to administer if needed), allergies, previous illnesses, dietary restrictions, specific behavioural issues, physical restrictions and vaccinations. Our goal is to offer an amazing and gratifying experience to your child; don't hesitate to give us all the information that we need to reach it!

3. Friends Request : If your child wants to be placed in a group with someone specific (friends, siblings...), make sure to have their names and ages (as of Sept. 30th) in hand. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requests, especially if the children are of different ages (example: a 6-year-old requesting to be in the group with the 8-year-olds). We do our best to place together campers who are in the same class / group in school or in other activities in the same camp group. Just ask us, we will do our best!

For Garage Band Camp campers: If you already have a band that you would like to play with, you'll need to give us your bandmates' names, ages (as of Sept. 30th), what instrument they play, and most importantly, a band name! Your audition should also be held at the same time. If you are not in a band but want to be placed in the same band as a friend, make sure to mention it on your registration; the same goes for your audition!

How to get more infos on payments deadline & refund policies

Registration fees (50$) need to be payed upon registration to confirm it, and full camp fees need to be paid by May 15th. There will be no refund after this date. If you need to extend the payment deadline, contact the office to set up a payment plan with us!
Have a look at the Terms & Conditions section for more details.

Who is part of the team?

Our team changes a bit every year! Mostly all cegep & university students (or graduate!!), they are talented individuals selected after an extensive vetting process. 
Go have a look at our camp family and find out why they are the big reason behind the success of the camp and of your camper's experience!

Where do the camp activities take place?

Our activities take place inside the Schulich School of Music of McGill University, right on Sherbrooke street, really close to the main campus! We do use outside space around the building and on the beautiful main campus of the university.
We have organized for a few years now a Welcome at Camp Day in June for our first timers that wish to see the camp, meet some staff members and get more informations on the day-to-day routine before it all starts!
​More details on our location right here!

Out of province & International campers

You are spending some time in Montreal and have chosen to include us into your itinerary? GREAT! Here are some information specific to you!
1. Language spoken at camp :
We are a bilingual (French / English) camp, so in order to enjoy the activities at their maximum (and also for security reasons!), the campers should understand / talk either French or English!

2. Residential address on Registration: To facilitate your registration, please indicate your current address (international) as your account address. You should indicate your Montreal / temporary address for the summer by using the " Second Address" option. That way, the system will let you enter other information than only Canadian phone numbers, addresses and Quebec medical numbers in the medical file of the camper.

3. Medical Insurance: Every camper needs to have medical insurance while attending camp. If your child is not eligible for the Quebec Medical Insurance program, you will need to provide your private medical insurance (such as Blue Cross or Manulife) information. If you don't have it at the moment of your registration, you can mention it in the field, we will contact you later in the spring to get all the required information!

4. Meal: We are excited to be offering a lunch program again this summer! Check out all the details and the pricing on our Lunch Box Information Page. The campers are of course also free to bring their lunch / snack / beverages with them. For security & organization reasons, the campers are not authorized to leave camp to go get food at a restaurant on lunch break.

5. Accommodations: Campers should be leaving with a legal guardian or a responsible adult for the duration of their camp with us. No camper should be leaving by themself while attending camp.